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1) Message boards : Number crunching : MILESTONES (Message 11028)
Posted 2623 days ago by Chris Granger
I just got my first 1,000,000 points on Collatz Conjecture!
2) Message boards : Unix/Linux : not getting any gpu work, optimized ati app (Message 10491)
Posted 2673 days ago by Chris Granger
I had a lot of trouble getting BOINC to recognize my GPU. Make sure that you have installed your card's latest video drivers, as well as installed the app correctly. I had to view a bunch of forum threads and such before I was able to get it working. Once it does, as the previous poster mentioned, your computer's GPU will be displayed on your hosts page.

I used the following tutorial: though I installed the drivers using commands:

sudo chmod +x <fileyoudownloaded>

sudo sh <fileyoudownloaded>

sudo aticonfig –initial -f

... then reboot.

You'll probably want to navigate to the folder you put the lib* files in and set their permissions to BOINC.

After installing the drivers and rebooting, you might also need to restart your BOINC client to get it to recognize your GPU using commands found here:

You can also add a sleep command to your BOINC init.d file but I'll be damned if I can remember where I found that advice. I think it's in this forum somewhere.

I'm a total newb at this, so I feel your pain. Hopefully you can get this working. It would be nice if the GPU-enabled projects had very explicit step-by-step tutorials on the front page for those of us who aren't hackers.

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