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1) Message boards : Windows : Can´t get any work (Message 21566)
Posted 825 days ago by BJM
Thanks to anyone who helped get these going; I found 3 Collatz tasks already completed today & another in progress.

I just checked the sched_op_debug as Slicker recommended, just in case. Haven't tried any extra downloads from AMD as Mikey suggested since WUs started.
2) Message boards : Windows : Can´t get any work (Message 21554)
Posted 826 days ago by BJM
Loaded BOINC on new computer with Win10 and added Collatz and other projects which now have tasks running. Collatz has not yet sent WU even after changing preferences from just intel to include amd and updating. Is this a Win10 issue & do I need to install extra stuff such as openCL & visual studio stuff to get WU?

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