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1) Message boards : News : Corrupt Index Caused Authentication Errors (Message 20328)
Posted 1106 days ago by Peter Lau

If you do not know exactly how a M240 machine gun works, how to disassemble and assemble it again, load it and fire it. - You are an idiot!

If you do not know how to operate a Leopard II- then you are an idiot (me being amongst those).

But if I can operate the AI AW - sniper rifle.
Does that make me a a genius?

Same, same- but different...
2) Message boards : News : Corrupt Index Caused Authentication Errors (Message 20327)
Posted 1106 days ago by Peter Lau

I- on the other hand- had a computer crash the same night that this debacle happened.
I had to reconfigure and try to save what could be saved and what ever was given. So I'm one of those who tried to connect and reconnect over and over. You know; that "idiot"!

It did not help that BOINC instructed me to "Give up and re-join" after that. But being as I'm, an idiot and an "QWERTY- challenged person"... Well.

In my defence, I can tell you, that I see my computer as a tool and not an instrument.
Furthermore, I challenge everyone that think otherwise, that everyone who thinks that everybody, "should have a supreme instinct" of computer knowledge other than that of which 99% of the population has- to come and try their knowledge as at, for example arctic survival skills, (military) sniping or skydiving- against mine (because- if you don't skydive, and know exactly how it works- then you are an idiot...)

Otherwise, Slicker.
You are doing an exemplary job!


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