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1) Message boards : Unix/Linux : LinuxMint and ATI 7770 (Message 21544)
Posted 826 days ago by Grundman
I have seen some scripts and ways to modify it on startup. I generally don't ever shut down the machines, so they run for months.. Being lazy, I just restart boinc after logging in and it works.
2) Message boards : Unix/Linux : LinuxMint and ATI 7770 (Message 21442)
Posted 835 days ago by Grundman
Having a hard drive failure and reloading from scratch, I found that I had to use 14.04.2 not .3 in order for the drivers to load correctly. And I also had to issue the command:

cd /usr/lib/ && sudo ln -s

in order to get openCL operating correctly. See for more information.
3) Message boards : Unix/Linux : LinuxMint and ATI 7770 (Message 20299)
Posted 1063 days ago by Grundman
Your GPUs are still not recognized. (They don't show up on your page at ) This means that either your computer is not recognizing the GPU, and if it is, you don't have the drivers installed.

I don't remember specifically what drivers I installed, but I know that I did install the latest from AMD:

Go to

Look at your page above, and see that your windows GPUs are recognized, and that they are using OpenCL 1.02

I also recommend installing Catalyst from the same page.

I also installed AMDOverdriveCtl

See: This allows you to change the speed of the GPU and the memory, as well as set fanspeeds or make custom fan curves.

But, like I said in my earlier post, I have to restart boinc-client everytime I reboot after the drivers load. This is a known problem. So even after you have the CL drivers installed, it is almost certain that you will have to restart boinc every time you start the computer. I don't restart mine unless I upgrade the kernel, so it isn't really a nuisance for me.
4) Message boards : Unix/Linux : LinuxMint and ATI 7770 (Message 20291)
Posted 1064 days ago by Grundman
Based on what it shows at: , neither of your Linux boxes show GPUs. My guess is that you need to restart BOINC after you start the computer.

I have this issue, and it seems to be common with Linux variants that the drivers load after BOINC starts, so it doesn't recognize that you even have a GPU. I am not sure how to restart BOINC on Mint, but I am guessing it may be
sudo /etc/init.d/boinc-client restart (this works for ubuntu).

See also:

If you can't get it working, you may have to load the correct drivers. PM me if you can't get it going. I will be back this weekend.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Collatz server seems to be ignoring my resource settings (Message 20282)
Posted 1069 days ago by Grundman
Although this may be slight thread derailing, After reading this thread and some others -- I don't find Collatz to have "inflated" credit. While this is a high credit/hour compared to some other projects, it also seems to have pretty optimized programs, as well as full or nearly full GPU utilization.

Boincstats credit comparison matrix at
shows that while Collatz is one of the higher credit programs, it is still only .8015 of GPU Grid. Since I run HD 7770s, 7970s, and 7990s, I can't participate on GPUGrid, but on reading their message boards, they don't seem to have the number of complaints about credit, even though they are granting more credit than Collatz.

On Collatz, my GPUs are near full utilization. On Einstein and others, they are lucky to be 1/2 even if I change it to .5 GPU per wu. And I am not even going to talk about SETI -- it feels there as if they want to penalize you credit-wise for using a GPU.

As with a lot of other posters, I agree that if you don't like the credits, go elsewhere. But if you are going to complain, go to GPU Grid and complain 20% more than you do here.

Personally, I like getting credit for my time and financial investments. It's not like we can spend these credits anywhere, nor like we get any pecuniary reward of any kind. At least for me, it's purely self-satisfaction, and it allows me to at least monetize my expenses into credits.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Happy New Year! (Message 20157)
Posted 1107 days ago by Grundman
100% in agreement!!

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