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1) Message boards : Wish list : Bring back the old ATI GPU application? (Message 18585)
Posted 1436 days ago by Jan Vaclavik
I was disappointed to have GPU support now limited to OpenCL. I have been doing work units on a computer with an ATI Radeon HD4250. This GPU is single precision. OpenCL is not supported for this GPU, I don't even think it will do CAL. Yeah, I suppose when you have Titans doing work units in minutes, rather than the tens of hours my HD4250 takes, maybe it's not worth supporting it. But it is the only project I could do on this GPU, so it was all yours (Collatz)...
I believe Seti has CAL app, but it requires some serious driver magic to make it run and there are no WUs half of the time. That said, since I dont want my 4250 and 2450 to sit idle forever, I may have to go back to Seti.

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