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1) Message boards : Windows : gpu not stopping computing when user is active (Message 3652)
Posted 2989 days ago by Profile [AF>EDLS]GuL
Hello everybody, thanks for all you're doing.

I have a problem with this host :

It is an intel Q8200 under XP with a nvidia 8400gs gpu card. The driver is 190.62 and is properly computing using cuda.

As it slew down the display due to the low capable card, I unchecked the box "use gpu while computer is in use". Ok still there.

The matter I have is that when the user is active, the gpu remains used for about 5 minutes, even if the project is disabled. I monitor the gpu use time with speedfan that show me a decrease of gpu temperature when it is idle. Simultaneously, the display remains unavailable during this time.

I don't use any app_info.xml for this project. Seti-gpu works fine on the same host and stop when the user is active.

Do you have any idea ? Can I put an app_info.xml with a specific line to avoid this ?

Many thanks

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