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1) Message boards : News : Corrupt Index Caused Authentication Errors (Message 20326)
Posted 1046 days ago by Shaun August
I think Slicker, that the problem was that initially people followed the instructions as dictated by BOINC, "Give-up and re-join". But when we tried to re-join, as a new member, the e-mail address already existed. Trying to re-join as a current member just failed, but offered the option of using the their alternate ID.
And when that did not work, they started to believe it was their machine at fault, so rebooted and tried again.
And when that did not work they tried a different machine, if available. The point being that most people will assume that the problem is their end rather than the servers, particularly as the 'Server Status' page for Collatz indicated all was running fine, and there was nothing noted on the forum.

Only after all has failed do you finally give up trying......for however long you expect the problem will take to fix. So they come back 2-4 hours later and retry some part of the above. I'm guessing that those of us in Europe are guilty of having tried more times that US members just because we started re-trying sooner after things went wrong
For my part, I'm sorry if doing any/all of the above has contributed to extra work-load for yourself.....your efforts are much appreciated.

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