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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 5770 performance (Message 10362)
Posted 2685 days ago by elvis
Seems good, ATI4830 = 22 mins.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : ATI RADEON 5670 average crunch time (Message 10361)
Posted 2685 days ago by elvis
Good results for the 5XXX Ati models, 4830 here in Win7 X64, completes in 22.38 mins.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Amazon cloud free for Boinc ? (Message 10359)
Posted 2685 days ago by elvis
Can anyone advise me if it is any good to use the free Amazon cloud and run Boinc on it + will Boinc usage fit within the free limitations ?

Though it could supplement my current Boinc number crunching.

Thanks for the advise.
4) Message boards : Windows : How to obtain only GPU tasks ? (Message 10137)
Posted 2698 days ago by elvis
Change "Use Central Processing Unit (CPU)" from yes to no in the project preferences.

Can you be a bit more clear as I have clicked any possible clickable options in Boinc and nothing gives me project specific settings.

5) Message boards : Windows : "To Completion" inaccurate (Message 10136)
Posted 2698 days ago by elvis
Is there then a way to only do colatz gpu tasks seeing colatz loves gpu's and set say 2nd aqua@home to cpu only as it only like cpu's at this stage ?
6) Message boards : Windows : Supported ATI Cards (Message 10106)
Posted 2701 days ago by elvis
You might want to inform both Cuda and ATI Stream /APP users to install both the actual video card driver + the actual cuda / ati stream sdk / APP software to get best results or GPGPU + CPU running at the same time.

I know ATI/AMD has the 10.10 driver 78mb and 10.10 APP 97mb programs both working for this project + Boinc and GPGPU jobs so have to install both software.

Example Win7x64:
* Catalyst Software Suite (64 bit) English Only 75.9 MB 10.10 10/22/2010
Package Includes:
Display Driver
ATI Integrated Driver
Catalyst Control Center
(English Language Only)
For the 64 bit version of Windows Vista and Windows 7

* AMD Catalystâ„¢ Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology Edition 92.1 MB

Nvidia might have both cuda + driver in 1 download as part of driver.

It would be nice to have default GPGPU processing / heavier workloads and cpu as backup as it is much weaker.

Intel Laptop t2600 dual core, 20 hours per core.
Intel Q9550 quad core, 10 hours per core.
ATI 4830, 23 min. to do same job with ATI stream /APP installed.

I know this might be stupid but could help a lot of Boinc users get most from their pc's / laptop's + help the projects get faster results.

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