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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Database error. unable to upload (Message 22167)
Posted 724 days ago by ph2000
"I guess I really need to work on getting the large sieve WU daemons set up. That should help with fewer WUs, fewer results, fewer client-host communications, etc."

Before doing this work I think the current applications are tested enough to enable more than 50 in-flight WUs per host, i.e 200-300. This should mean the same results and the same client-host communications but larger host-without-server time window.

Although in the »first few days« this would require an increased work-generator load, everything will be back on the track quickly since results constantly arrive at the current rate; just hosts could do offline work for min. 16-24 hours. Generally that is enough time to repair the actualities.
2) Message boards : News : Issues and Resolutions (Message 18602)
Posted 1493 days ago by ph2000
It would be the least significant question now, but is it an intentional/artificial limitation or a matter of bad settings that no more than 30 in-progress tasks are enabled for my Windows-based hosts? Minimal work buffer is set to 5.0 days.
(Otherwise everything - including hand-written .config file - works fine.)
3) Message boards : News : v4.07 Released for Windows (Message 16587)
Posted 1760 days ago by ph2000
It seems the Total Credit is still increasing with the low value although the task list indicates the correctly calculated credit (i.e. a currently finished task has 3,968.88 granted credit but the Total Credit has been raised from 18,303,255 only to 18,304,589).
4) Message boards : News : Windows CUDA 4.0 and CUDA 4.2 Versions (Message 14506)
Posted 2066 days ago by ph2000
Some days ago I got automatically some CUDA 4.2 tasks for mini_collatz, then it changed back to the slower cuda23.
Is it possible to change the default mini_collatz application to 4.2?

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