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1) Message boards : Windows : Cuda stops working when beginning tasks (Message 14501)
Posted 2006 days ago by goaltender
I keep getting "Collatz Conjecture for CUDA v4.2 has stopped working" whenever any tasks start. I've been getting this message for a few days, and haven't been able to complete any work units. Anybody else having this problem, and know how to fix it? I've reset the project a few times with no luck.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Daily limit? (Message 10943)
Posted 2564 days ago by goaltender
Thanks for the information. Now I have a follow up question, as I see the source of the errors. I have Boinc installed on a multiple user computer. Whenever one of the other users needs the computer, they switch users, leaving Boinc active on my session. When I switch back to myself, I see the "computation errors". This only seems to affect the GPU tasks, the CPU tasks are fine. Is there anyway around this, other than snoozing the GPU tasks?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Daily limit? (Message 10885)
Posted 2565 days ago by goaltender
I'm unable to get new tasks. I get a message from the server that my computer has finished it's daily quota.

1/10/11 8:51:57 PM Collatz Conjecture Message from server: This computer has finished a daily quota of 1 tasks)

Has anybody else come across this? How can I fix it?

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