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1) Message boards : News : OpenCL Application Update for OS X (Message 17407)
Posted 1668 days ago by Larry Pageler
Is there going to be a fix for the oxs opencl app or is it just an incompatibility with the os causing the problem?
2) Message boards : Macintosh : Spat of "inconclusive" and "invalid" Results for Solo_Collatz and Collatz 3.10 (Message 16895)
Posted 1731 days ago by Larry Pageler
I have been experiencing a similar issue with my imac running the opencl applications. Almost all of my returned wu are being marked inconclusive and then invalid. Anyone have solutions/reasons for this problem?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : ATI application Q&A (Message 15912)
Posted 1890 days ago by Larry Pageler
I rediscovered this project as it seems to be the only one that allows ati computing on a mac. However, i started and my work units are having the invalid issue, what is wrong?

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