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1) Message boards : News : Back Online (Message 20447)
Posted 1045 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
A little spring cleaning never hurts :)
2) Message boards : News : Up and Running (Message 19614)
Posted 1372 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
Thanks a bunch. I hope kitty is happy and healthy.
3) Message boards : News : Internet Access Restored (Message 14356)
Posted 2086 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
The Internet connection, which was down due to severe thunderstorms since yesterday afternoon, is now up again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I'm glad you only lost the Internet connection. I'm in central Maryland (Laurel) and lost power for 27 hours (and I'm among the very lucky--about half a million in the area are still out since Friday night). I'm still wondering if the food in my refrigerator will kill me. I'll know pretty soon when I eat dinner...sigh.

I vote with Mikey that you need to keep these storms to yourself or send them elsewhere :)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : GeForce 8600 GTS Mini Collatz (Message 12543)
Posted 2451 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
Venerable Onion running Linux with a GF 8600 GTS NVIDIA card has run Collatz for a couple of years. The poor thing has been reduced to needing to run mini collatz with the recent (OK, months ago) changes except it can't get a stock download.

I put in an file for regular collatz and it ran fine except it was abysmally slow (surprise!). I know I can create an for mini collatz, but why must I do that? Shouldn't Onion be able to pull the stock mini collatz app?

Inquiring (and slightly crazed) minds want to know.
5) Message boards : News : Power Outage (Message 12304)
Posted 2505 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
You've been too darned reliable for the past year or so. I've been taking you for granted. A half hour before you came back up (I expected the worst) I added PG as a backup (with the resulting "welcome" tasks) on an HD 4630 AGP card. They'll take forever...sigh. See how desperate I get when you tug my security blanket away :)

Squeegee up all those bits off of the floor from the database and get them moving again. You really need to get a backup nuclear reactor or at least a wind farm in your backyard. Never mind what the neighbors may say, but if a crowd approaches your front door with torches you might want to eat out that night.

Wabbits Wule!
6) Message boards : News : Back to Normal (Message 8905)
Posted 2801 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
It looks like you (we) have a winner so far. I had been wondering which "normal" we were back to :) The network graphs look great.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 8836)
Posted 2805 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
Perhaps Cox Phoenix has provisioned you for the expected bazillion degrees you guys usually get (yes, it's a dry heat!) I've been to Phoenix many times.

My main memory of Phoenix is getting off the plane at Sky Harbor, getting hit in the face with furnace-like winds, and being really glad when I finally reached the terminal.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 8833)
Posted 2805 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
I'm on Comcast (not your Comcast) and I saw the Summer signal degradation arrive. The up and down signal strengths get worse by about 3dB when it gets hot. This is a simple physics problem as the dielectric in the cable expands with temperature mismatching the circuit.

It was around 100 here (Maryland) last week. My upstream power level went from 47dB to 49dB and downstream went from -6dB to -10dB. You seem to be on the edge so Comcast needs to do something. Summer can kill marginal signals.

Yes, I know that you've been on their case about this. If they won't do anything then maybe you might think about a bi-directional amplifier? They exist and they "might" help you out. Unfortunately if the signal is in the noise when it gets to you no amount of amplifying will fix it...sigh.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 8828)
Posted 2805 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
I appreciate the increase in credit however and whenever it may arrive. You REALLY need to schedule your unscheduled outages better tho :)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 8646)
Posted 2819 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
I've been working on the pigeon angle. I've found that they're wily and hard to catch. I decided to buy some birds at a local store instead. I was mystified by the lack of squawking however. I got them home and opened the box.

It seems that I bought a do-it-yourself bird kit. I hadn't planned on assembling the birds, but what the hey? When I opened the round container with the letters "KFC" on the side I was shocked to see that I was missing parts like the head and tail. I also feared that the brown coating on the wings and feet may effect flight.

I assembled a bird as best I could with multiple wings and feet to make up for the lack of a head or tail. I took my first assembled bird out to my backyard for its first flight. I tossed it up in the air to give it its freedom. It plopped ten feet in front of me. In accordance with my standards as a former (now retired) Government engineer I declared this a success.

The problem isn't with the assembled bird or the process. The contractor met the requirements. The real problem is that you are just too far away. A congressional committee will investigate the reasons why you insist upon being so far away.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 8468)
Posted 2828 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
I just uploaded, reported, and downloaded a bunch of tasks. It seems to be working.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 8454)
Posted 2831 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
10. Find a rich, dead uncle who really liked you (and remembered you in his will). This could solve everything :)

A serious question: Don't the wireless companies have very low bandwidth (total bytes) caps before they get you with insane overage charges?
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 8408)
Posted 2833 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
I offer 3 pigeons! I'll need to catch them first tho. They're called Mourning Doves around here. If you can get about 1,000,000,000 minus 3 you could implement TCP over Pigeon. It's been proven to work in Africa :)
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized Applications (Message 8305)
Posted 2841 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
The standard settings for v2.04 did not noticeably effect the video response on my GTX-260/Q6600/Win Vista and GTS-8600/AMD64 3800+/WinXP hosts. There were process gains (~10%) for both hosts.

I bumped the "L" value to 10 on the Q6600 and to 9 on the AMD 64. This got me a little more (~2%--12% total increase measured over 2 weeks). It did make the AMD64 very non-responsive, but it's just a cruncher so I can live with that.

I'd suggest to not discriminate between "old" and "new" cards for the app version. Provided no one finds a real "gotcha" with v2.04 then I think (from my sample size of 2!) that it's a good candidate for the stock app.

However...I think v2.03 should be available for download if someone can't make v2.04 work for them. If v2.04 (as stock) can't be "optimized" then it too should be available as a separate download for anyone who might wish press the limits.

Is there a problem supporting two concurrent CUDA apps? I'm sure there will be updates in the future.

15) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA 2.04 Application Hints, Tips, Performance, and Issues (Message 8252)
Posted 2845 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
...What is that 'L' you're talking about? What does it set and how could I change it? Thanks.

"L" is one of three parameters you can set in the app_info file. The Readme.txt file that comes with the app explains what to do with it.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA 2.04 Application Hints, Tips, Performance, and Issues (Message 8179)
Posted 2850 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
It didn't seem to do that for me (I was watching). There was a reboot between the changes. Perhaps I should have reset the project before making the change, but that wasn't part of my experiment :) I think the DCF is for the project whatever (and whenever) the app may be.

Did you make a change? Personally I'd blame BOINC, but that has gotten incomprehensible lately so I don't have a clue...sigh.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA 2.04 Application Hints, Tips, Performance, and Issues (Message 8175)
Posted 2850 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
Quasar and Slicker mentioned a possible drawback with this release for old cards. It may run slower. I just had to see for myself :) I have an 8600 GTS card in an AMD64 3800+ X2 machine running 32 bit WinXP.

About 10 days ago I converted Tomato (host# 26887) from Linux to my spare copy of WinXP in order to use the GPU. I am apparently too (Linux) stupid to get the GPU recognized under Linux :) I tried to get it running under Linux for weeks...sigh.

Concurrent with my engineer's creed (don't make too many changes at once) I started Tomato with the stock Collatz downloads for the CPU and GPU. I used BOINC 6.10.56 because this was a new install. This version seems to handle the GPU tasks much better than the earlier versions although BOINC still insists on decrementing the short term debt for suspended CPU and running GPU tasks (same amount for both). It does this "only a little bit at a time" tho. Tomato will be good for a couple of weeks before I have to invoke "zero debts" in the cc_config file.

The tasks ran quite successfully for over a week. The GPU tasks (under 2.03) took on the average about 2.8 hours. The CPU tasks took 19 to 20 hours. I've been using the CPU tasks to keep the short term debt under control because I run multiple CPU tasks on Tomato. Previous versions of BOINC got quite peeved about a debt over 100,000 or so.

Well, the last server (network connection) hiatus let me run out of work on Tomato. I reported what I had and then I installed version 2.04. This is my "tune for minimum smoke" idea. Who knows--it might even work :)

Woo Hoo...and crap! I got 40 GPU tasks. I wasn't expecting this. With a 1 day cache and a 3 hour compute time on the GPU I usually had 7 or 8 tasks at a time in the queue. Oh well, a quick calculation shows that I can do all the tasks if the new GPU time is 3 hours or less.

With a sample size of 1 (means very little) I think 2.04 is a little faster. I got 9,700 seconds as opposed to about 10,200 seconds previously with a setting of L7 (changed a quarter of the way through from L5). Tomato is a headless cruncher so I'll tune the smoke toward L13.

Any cries of anguish you hear is me blowing smoke :)

Addendum: When the first 2.04 task started the DCF was 0.1414 from the previous week's processing. When it finished it was 0.7928. That explains the over-grab of tasks, but I kind of wonder why?
18) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA 2.04 Application Hints, Tips, Performance, and Issues (Message 8013)
Posted 2860 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
Using the default settings in the app_info file my GTX-260 I saw a 3% increase. There was a marked decrease in CPU usage too. This was good for my CPU projects.

I just had to play with "L" using the "tune for minimum smoke" rule :) I slowly moved it up until "L10". At this point the screen was noticeably (i.e. annoyingly) slow. I backed off to "L9". While I can still see a little lag while scrolling, this seems like a good setting for me. "L9" resulted in a 12% increase in speed over the old app.

Of course the GTX 260 isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. My wall clock time decreased from 32 minutes to 28 minutes.

I still drool at the ATI numbers...sigh.

19) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 5755)
Posted 2978 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit
Thanks Bruce

I thought I saw a problem that (apparently) no one else had. I hate to look like an idiot in public so having at least one other person agreeing with me helps a lot. Thanks a bunch for your comment.

And on top of this using I'm my Christmas present for the first time (for the last three weeks), a GTX 260 card. I hate it when I change something and the server also changes something. Who can tell what is is going on? It's a PITA, but I'll survive :-)

My previous 8600GTS card is now in a Linux machine waiting for me to get smart enough to enable it. It may be a while...sigh.

20) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 5753)
Posted 2978 days ago by Profile Purple Rabbit

I think I'm seeing the result some of your changing of the estimate-to-completion times. As I said before the time went to 0.1 (a tenth) a few days ago. I just got some "_3 and _4" reissues that are 10x the normal time. Geez, it's hard to keep up. BOINC is going crazy.

What are you doing? I assume my previous comment was irrelevant because no one chimed in. If you are trying to drive me nuts, you are succeeding :-)

I'll make it work, but inquiring minds want to know.


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