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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Servers not Running?? (Message 3214)
Posted 18 Mar 2021 by RandyE
In server status screen, appears only upload and doiwnload servers are running? the rest are not running. Who handles this?
2) Questions and Answers : Web site : Collatz functi0ns not running? (Message 3094)
Posted 3 Feb 2021 by RandyE
Last 2 days my credits for Collatz project have not shown properly on BOINCstats? I Wondered if the problem was in Collatz project? I checked project status and found several functions not running? Is this why my credits appear to be not updating correctly? Nothing has changed on my machines, so should be showing similar credits Dropping from a total of 29,000,000+ to 9k is not correct. Suggestions?

file_deleter ubuntu16 Not Running
collatz_sieve_work_generator (collatz_sieve) ubuntu16 Not Running
collatz_sieve_validator (collatz_sieve) ubuntu16 Not Running
collatz_sieve_assimilator (collatz_sieve) ubuntu16 Not Running
db_purge ubuntu16 Not Running
3) Questions and Answers : Web site : New Year, no credit? (Message 2246)
Posted 1 Jan 2020 by RandyE
Am I the only user seeing 0 credits in Boincstats the last 2 days? My machines are busily running work units, seemingly as usual? However, no results that I can see? I've been running Collatz for years, but don't get this? Perhaps just a blip on servers that needs attention when the holiday is over? Will just leave PCs running and hope the credits show up, I guess.

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