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1) Message boards : Windows : Getting too many tasks at once (Message 20895)
Posted 909 days ago by mengpangwang

Do you have a 10 day cache setup on your system? If so that could be somewhere in the realm of possibility as 8 units at a time for 4 hours, and 6 times 4 equals 24 hours, means 8 times 6 equals 48 units per day, over 10 days that is 480 units.

My cache setup was 7 days. That's probably the problem. Now I have set it to 1 day.
I hope the problem would be solved in the next few days.(Still computing, 211 tasks left to complete)

Thank you for pointing it out for me!
Many thanks.
2) Message boards : Windows : Getting too many tasks at once (Message 20891)
Posted 910 days ago by mengpangwang
I use BOINC manager for this project.
2 days ago, I pressed "Allow new tasks", and then AFK for a few (3-5) minutes.
When I came back, the server had sent me 400 Mini Collatz Conjecture v6.00 tasks.
Each of them takes about 4 hours to complete.

How could that happen?
I thought the project would send only a "proper" amount of tasks, but 400?
That's more than any normal user could handle.

The server will send a huge amount of tasks if you don't tell it NOT to allow new tasks.
I would like to know if this is a bug or just normal. (So an user should always pay attention when running the project.)

P.S. I know how to abort the tasks, I just not want to see my task history get messed up. I appreciate any solution or suggestion.

State: All (409) . In progress (243) . Valid (158) . Invalid (3) . Error (5)
Application: All (409) . Large (5) . Micro (0) . Mini (400) . Solo (4)
3) Message boards : News : New Windows CUDA and OpenCL Versions Released (Message 20787)
Posted 926 days ago by mengpangwang
Previous Version v6.04 reports an error related to CPU and GPU steps not matching.
Will the error result be removed from our account history? I believe it's due to an Open CL error.

The task almost stopped immediately. Gave an error in just 2.84 sec.
It reported "GPU steps do not match CPU steps. Workunit processing aborted."

OS: Win7 x64 SP1
CPU: Intel i7-2600 @ 3.40 GHz
GPU: AMD R9-270 with 14.12 Omega Driver

Note: The new version v6.08 works pretty well. No more errors occurred. Just wondering if errors related to v6.04 would be removed from task history. Thanks.

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