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1) Message boards : Unix/Linux : [boincmgr 6.12+] Freeze in Notices with Collatz (Message 13160)
Posted 2272 days ago by MLx
I'm using BOINC 6.12.18 from on Kubuntu 10.10. I'm subscribed to several projects which I "manage" manually - I typically have only 1/2 that download new work, others are "in standby". I switch between them so that I have roughly the same credit on all of them.

Whenever I enable Collatz this way, update it and want to switch to the Notices tab, Boinc manager freezes and starts consuming 100% CPU - I need to kill it and start again. The running tasks are not affected.
So far the only way to fix this that I've found is to reset the Collatz project and not update it. (I have some tasks in the queue, so I'd rather not do that right now).

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there any way you can fix this issue? No other projects do this. After resetting Collaz, I can view the Notices tab (with several notices from BOINC and PrimeGrid) with no problem.

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