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1) Message boards : Windows : System priority of tasks (Message 16166)
Posted 1757 days ago by Amenel
Hi all,

I'm starting this thread to ask for the Collatz tasks to be lowered in priority on Windows.

Using ProcessExplorer, I now see that the tasks processes run with a priority level of 6. This is new to me and I came across that fact while looking for a reason why my incremental backup software (Altaro's BackupFS), which is on an hourly schedule, now spends over hours backing up delta changes of a few megabytes.

What I realized is this: the backup service, at priority level 6, was having less than 0.4% CPU while Collatz was using up all 8 cores on 9 tasks including the GPU task to a total of 100% CPU utilization. Classic process starvation. The only other process (of 129 processes) at priority level 6 is a service for my printer's driver hosted by an svchost process. It's a good thing I wasn't scanning multi-pages documents!

The deal with BOINC projects, as I understood it, was to devote idle time to computing tasks without impeding the normal functioning of my computer system. In all obviousness, it's no longer the case for me but I'm sure that everything was fine up until around two weeks ago.

Maybe this project should return to the way things were, that is at priority level 4, just like WCG, even if we can limit the number of cores used and the CPU utilization.
2) Message boards : Windows : Task doesn't suspend when on battery (Message 14027)
Posted 2072 days ago by Amenel
Just wanted to update my previous report to add that this issue which appears when switching power source from the AC adapter to the battery also occurs with the computation times that was set in the Tools > Preferences dialog. Whenever the time to suspend computation comes, Collatz 2.05 just keeps on rolling. The tasks NEVER stop once started.

Is the code open? Is there a way I can submit a patch for this very annoying issue?

3) Message boards : Windows : Task doesn't suspend when on battery (Message 13872)
Posted 2096 days ago by Amenel

I'd like to report a problem that I have repeatedly experienced with Collatz 2.05 which is that the tasks do not obey the suspend configuration when my system is on battery.

Actually, Boinc shows all tasks as "Suspendu - - sur batteries" (suspended, on battery). But the Progress number keeps running, the nVidia GPU keeps working (and the fan keeps turning) until the task is completed or the battery is drained, which happens very quickly on this [gaming] system that is usually powered by a 140 W adapter. No good.

Moreover, in case I exit Boinc and ask to stop all tasks, everything gets stopped but the Collatz process remains alive in ProcessExplorer. I have to kill the process to preserve battery life.

It would be good if all tasks could follow the settings as specified.

Dell XPS17R2 laptop + Core i7-2670QM hyperthreaded + 8 GB of RAM
Win 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit
nVidia GT555M + Intel HD graphics cards
Boinc 6.12.34

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