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1) Message boards : News : CPUs now limited to running Mini Collatz App (Message 12010)
Posted 2479 days ago by 78s
i am trying to get the ATI enhanced app going, so that i can run GPU units, but am having a little problem, It says to place the files in my collatz folder. location may vary,, i don't see any thing that resembles a collatz folder, in any directories .. I have win 7 x86. with a 3870 card. but im obviously not getting it set up right, also after i find this folder,, it says to set it up like any optimized app using the anonymous platform mechanism. I dont see any reference to this,, in the forums, to use for my own reference ,to do this. The only folder i can see , or find is the BOINC folder, however ,the .dlls Are in the win32/ folder. a little help would be greatly appreciated. I had set my preferences, how it is suggested ,to receive Collatz work tasks. I get none. Something odd, I thought , was that as long as i have any Project set, to not utilize CPU , i would not receive any work at all. I have to set all of the projects to where i will take CPU work, before any will give ANY work. Please forgive me if i'm overlooking something thats obvious.

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