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Posted 1479 days ago by Profile Cesium_133*
I just recently re-attached to this project, had no idea that a member had passed away last summer. My condolences to the entire group, especially those who were close to Kristin.

I myself am 40, overweight, have some depression, can't be buggered to exercise much, eat at the wrong times of day, sleep at the wrong times as well. And nap too much. As the other poster noted here, there's no justice in this life.

One thing should be noted, too: on the project's front page, it speaks of how Kristin "lost" after battling leukemia. She did not. Humans, as part of our condition, can get sick. We all die. However, when we fight the good fight and rage against the dying of the light... we put out our best effort by definition. That's the wondrous human spirit in action.

As to losing life: again, we all pass from this Earth. It's what's next that matters, and that's eternity face-to-face with Jesus Christ in Heaven. Kristin has that now. She's lucky in a very real way... she left this existence, seen but through a veil of tears, behind. She's at peace, and wants us to be as well. She's reached the acme of existence... she didn't lose. Cancer, which is evil incarnate, lost its grip on her when her spirit went home.

Rest, Kristin, in Christ's arms... 8 Jul 1975 - 8 Aug 2013...

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