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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Table list? This exist? (Message 24321)
Posted 108 days ago by Profile Olicheski
"I will be back!"
said the terminator!

and many years later...
I'm coming back to calculate some numbers.

the sheets of 1 to 27... throw away in the time, and i want to start from the last massage in the post, when it was written, the massage, it was the maximum number that was broken.

I start to use other type of sheet, to make more easy to read and write, divide in two columns I can use a normal calculate machine to work.

its correct this method that I use? when the right column is in the maximum I add one to the left column. When the calculation of the left column make the fraction number, like 0,5, I add 1 to the right column.

I'm don't know that is this method correct or I can go to one finish point, but I'm going work ;)

I try use the photo TAG but the image link is broken ?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Table list? This exist? (Message 19698)
Posted 1290 days ago by Profile Olicheski
ok,it no exist, I will make it by myself. =D

if have something wrong please, tel me ok ?

frist 01 to 10.

second 11 to 17

third 18 to 23

fourth 24 to 27

fifth, end of 27

I dont know, wen i will make another sheets, but i have seen, the number like 27, needed 2 sheets to go to one. Some times i imagine how many will needed the big numbers =D Them it just a fun =DD

I can't insert a image, if someone can talk to the administrator or otherperson, thanks a lot.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Table list? This exist? (Message 19621)
Posted 1314 days ago by Profile Olicheski
hello to all.

I wonder if there is some website, or even here, a place where I can see all the results already obtained.


Initial Number 8

8/2 = 4
4/2 = 2
2/2 = 1

Is there a file like this?

Thank you.

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