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1) Message boards : Number crunching : application Large Collatz Conjecture needs 56 Days to complete (Message 19229)
Posted 1424 days ago by A.M.
Mine got itself more or less sorted out after the second or third WU was completed. With default settings, it ran in about 17 hours on my GTX 670
2) Message boards : News : CUDA vs nVidia OpenCL User Poll (Message 18565)
Posted 1495 days ago by A.M.
Manual select in preferences, with CUDA being default, or a) with a manual override.

Basically, if one or the other doesn't work on a particular system, there ought to be a quick and easy way to switch to the other.
3) Message boards : News : More Updates (Message 18440)
Posted 1499 days ago by A.M.

That tells me two things. First, it is actually reading the solo_collatz config file correctly now. Secondly, you config file is empty.

The config file seems to have been replaced when the version updated?

Are we supposed to be using (for example, the initially empty file in my project folder) "solo_collatz_6.04_windows_x86_64__opencl_nvidia_gpu.config" or will "solo_collatz.config" work regardless of version? If not the latter, why not?
4) Message boards : News : Up and Running Again (Message 17134)
Posted 1698 days ago by A.M.
Splendid. Looks like about half to 1/3 of the affected tasks have since been validated. Good to know that the backlog is being chewed through.

A.M., I'm seeing that both the WUs you listed have been validated and credit has been awarded for them. I'm having the same issue you were, so this is encouraging. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

5) Message boards : News : Up and Running Again (Message 17128)
Posted 1698 days ago by A.M.
Is the validator not working, or just buried under backlog? I have several tasks that seem like they should be validating, but are not:

I noticed that the second one has been re-sent to another computer. Both of these examples were sent to me well before the crash.
6) Message boards : News : Back Online (Message 17078)
Posted 1716 days ago by A.M.
Sometime between 1500 and 1530 UTC Saturday, if it matters.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Possible Credit Allocation Error (Message 16951)
Posted 1730 days ago by A.M.

There was a third WU also, but it seems to have been deleted or refiled.

The concern I have is this: my task has been assigned exactly* twice the credit as that of my wingman. Seems odd that the awarded credit should be different, yes?


*plus or minus 0.01

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