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1) Message boards : News : Brook/CAL ATI for 32-bit Linux (Message 18893)
Posted 1459 days ago by Link
Do you plan to release this app also as optimized application, i.e. in a zip with all needed files and an app_info like it was with the old apps?

EDIT: actually I mean the Windows CAL app, I see now I posted in the wrong thread.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Driver Updates - You Need More than Windows Update .... (Message 18892)
Posted 1459 days ago by Link
Since he didn't put any warnings, the text sounds more like an advertisement than a tutorial on how to use it properly and he posted it two times here, I had (and actually still have) the suspicion, this is might be some sort of spam.

Ok ..... lets just ease off a little!! ...... it was a straightforward error, I had forgotten I had posted it earlier, however the world will not fall into chaos due to the dual post.

No its not "spam" - its an opinion having used that Application for many many years, well over ten years if you include its previous incarnation.

Well, OK, than I have get the wrong impression. The way the text was written, the double posting made me unsure wether you really just want to tell others about the program or what's going on. Since you are a BOINC user from many years, I was actually wondering at one moment if maybe someone else is using your account to post... well, I was obviously wrong.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Driver Updates - You Need More than Windows Update .... (Message 18884)
Posted 1460 days ago by Link
mikey wrote:
Maybe Zydor finds it very useful. His RAC seems a little higher than yours, so maybe you should give it a try. TROLL.

His rac is higher then mine too and although I downloaded it I then removed it off my pc too. I think for more experienced pc users the software needs to be taken with a grain of salt, it recommended newer drivers for my HP printer that I had a very tough time removing in the past that would NOT let me print! And it did it JUST because they were newer then the ones I'm currently using! As we are ALL aware newer is not always better, even Zydor knows that as he often is the one telling people NOT to upgrade their gpu drivers JUST because a new version is out!!

And the last thing is what surprised me most. Specially for BOINC users newer drivers are not always better, this is a well known fact. This thing would very likely for example remove OpenCL support for ATI GPU users running Windows XP.

Also things like "it will find 50-150 out of date drivers" or "You might get some Blue Screens on the initial sort out - not surprising considering whats being thrown at it on initial sort out." make me think.
For the first, generic devices usually don't need any driver updates and the other, which might need that, like mainboard or graphics card drivers are not that many.
Secondly... yes, it is surprising, that driver installation causes a bluescreen. If this is considered not surprising when using this tool, I'd stay away from it.
Also if it installs a driver, that don't works with your hardware for whatever reason (I had that once with an nVidia driver, which *should* have worked, but didn't), it might be very difficult to find out, which of all those drivers it is, specially for a "normal" user, which probably does not even know, what safe mode is and how to get there.

mikey wrote:
I have no idea why Zydor posted his message on several boards, he had his reasons and didn't include me in his thinking, so I too am guessing he finds it helpful in SOME situations.

Me too not, but he should have done it with some warnings in the text. In red. And bold. And larger font size. Seriously, this tool might cause even more harm to a system than most other "optimizers", which also might be helpful in some situations but also require some knowledge when using them.
Since he didn't put any warnings, the text sounds more like an advertisement than a tutorial on how to use it properly and he posted it two times here, I had (and actually still have) the suspicion, this is might be some sort of spam.

mikey wrote:
On top of that Link has been a VERY helpful person to ALOT of people on the message boards, he has Message boards 11 posts here alone and is VERY active on alot of projects. But when I check your own name I see Message boards 4 posts! Calling Link a "troll" was uncalled for and unprofessional, it also made things PERSONAL when this is NOT supposed to be.

Thanks. Always glad to help and that's why I also jumped in here, because I don't want people to damage their systems and maybe not being able to recover them without reinstalling Windows. There's a good reason, why they say "never change a running system". There's sure nothing wrong with trying to improve something, but updating dozens of drivers in one run and without actually knowing what's being installed is nuts IMHO.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Driver Updates - You Need More than Windows Update .... (Message 18873)
Posted 1460 days ago by Link
for the record, I am nothing to do with the software

And that's why you decided to post it here once a week or so?

its just one of those fabulous niche utilities every windows user (especially a BOINC Cruncher) should have ... )

It's one of those utilities I'd never let touch any of my computers.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Crunching with an Intel GPU? (Message 16087)
Posted 1829 days ago by Link
So, any progress yet? My Intel GPU is still wasting away bored and BOINCless. :)

There's something your GPU could do...
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Results? (Message 16039)
Posted 1850 days ago by Link
I see... I thoght it should be a list of defined length of numbers that generated highest steps, so new numbers would remove the lower ones.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Dwindling Credit (Message 16034)
Posted 1851 days ago by Link
Perhapps it's time to update the credits in here also !

That would effectively devaluate the work, that people has done for the project so far. The credit system here is very fair, if credits has to be adjusted somwhere, than on the other projects that pay too much. But OTOH, comparing credits between projects has been pointless since many years if not from the beginning of BOINC.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Results? (Message 16033)
Posted 1851 days ago by Link
But on the Highest Steps page there are still some with 1904 steps, why are those not removed and replaced by something higher? Today we have 2147 as highest steps.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : New platform for BOINC (Android) (Message 14737)
Posted 2008 days ago by Link
I'd quite like a micro_collatz app and Wu, been running a single core HTC Desire on the PrimeGrid Cullen/Woodall Sieve (gcwsieve) app for the last six weeks without problems, it did get reasonable warm while crunching through,
i've since dropped it and broken the screen, i'd leave it crunching the Cullen/Woodall Sieve app, but those Wu's are discontinued, and it doesn't have enough internal space to run the Riesel Problem Sieve (sr2sieve) app, so that's where collatz come in,

You might want to try Milkyway on that device, there's an app for it, see this thread. I don't know what CPU your HTC Desire has, but there are some issues with ARMv6 devices, so eventually you will have to watch it carefully at the beginning.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Why just 1/2 of the usual credit? (Message 14320)
Posted 2091 days ago by Link
For exmaple, if you have to check 30 numbers and the command line paraters are set to check 12 numbers at a time due to memory contstaints, you would have to check 3 x 12 or 36 numbers even though the WU only expected results from the first 30. The total steps would be increased because six additional numbers were checked that weren't really needed. So, if one computer checked 30 numbers and the other checked 36 numbers, no numbers were skipped but the total steps would still be different.

Let's see if I got it right... so you mean if we had a WU called "collatz_1000_30" (i.e. check numbers 1000-1030) a 12-numbers-at-a-time GPU would actually check 1000-1036? And with the next WU called "collatz_1030_30" the last 6 would be checked again?

Than the allowed differences can be very small, less than 1% of the total steps I think...
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Why just 1/2 of the usual credit? (Message 14317)
Posted 2091 days ago by Link
It also appears that the validator needs more work because it should be marking all the WUs completed by HD 7xxx GPUs as invalid when they return only half as many steps as their wingman.

I actually thought, that the step count was one of the things the validator should look at. After this WU I was looking more carefully at my and the wingmen's results and apparently it's not the case. For example also this WU. With 49947466997282 (me) and 49939431912335 (wingman) the credit difference is negligible, but at least one of us has not checked all the numbers... maybe even both of us didn't...
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Why just 1/2 of the usual credit? (Message 14300)
Posted 2095 days ago by Link
Either it is my lucky day today, or the server has some problem: [url]next WU with a wingman reporting too little steps[/url] (different wingman).
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Why just 1/2 of the usual credit? (Message 14297)
Posted 2096 days ago by Link
Why have I (or actually we) get so little credit for this WU?

"435008744971279 total executed steps for 824633720832 numbers" should give over 3000 and not just 1696.

Or is it because the stderr_txt of the wingman is empty? He has many results in his task list with unusual low credit, but most of them has stderr_txt, but with very low steps count (little more than 1/2 of what the wingman has).
14) Message boards : Number crunching : CUDA tasks run endless or into error (Message 14230)
Posted 2105 days ago by Link
On key thing though is that you are using collatz v2.05 (cuda31) while everyone else is using v2.09, are you using a config or app file to run Collatz?

No, he's not, otherwise you would see it on his task page (anonymous platform). According to the Applications Page v2.05 is the latest cuda app.

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