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1) Message boards : News : It's Alive! (Message 10845)
Posted 2570 days ago by [] Nowi
I see the same behavior. Is it possible to change the amount of CPU used in Collatz-tasks? Before I have three cores dedicated for CPU-crunching and one for GPU-crunching. Now I need an extra core for Collatz without using it. Please make a change...

2) Message boards : Number crunching : massive cuda errors (Message 6517)
Posted 2875 days ago by [] Nowi
That´s the way I´ve done before. But is there a way to prevent this behaviour?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : massive cuda errors (Message 6508)
Posted 2875 days ago by [] Nowi
I have this error;
Unzul�ssige Funktion. (0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)
Running Collatz Conjecture (3x+1) CUDA GPU application v2.01
based on version 1.2 by Gipsel
instructed by BOINC client to use device 0
Reading input file ... done.
Checking 206158430208 numbers starting with 2362787664399434492264
CUDA initialization failed.
called boinc_finish


It happened suddenly in a long errorless running system and without any interaction of the user (of course me). The last WU finished without error and the new starting one and all following wus crashed (this is related to all CUDA-projects).

I run two GPU (GTX260 and 8800GT) in the same system, driver is 196.21, BOINC 6.10.36, Win7 64bit.

Is this a BOINC or a driver issue?
How can I prevent these numberless errors?

Thanks for your replies!

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