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1) Message boards : News : Missing Apps Part 2 (Message 19424)
Posted 1407 days ago by Profile JayPi
I crunched successfully a large WU on my Intel GPU (i7-3770K) within the old Deadline of 7 days:
The CPU is running on normal Speed, not overclocked.
Why are the large WUs now disabled and the Deadline expanded to 14 days? If i dont want the Large WUs, i can disable it.
2) Message boards : News : Phasing out Multi-Size (Message 19162)
Posted 1422 days ago by Profile JayPi
I got my first large WU for my Intel-GPU. 19 minutes for 0.2% ==> it will be running about 6,6 days with a Deadline of 7 days. I stop it, because the deadline give not enough time to safely complete this unit.
3) Message boards : News : Up and Running Again (Message 17136)
Posted 1695 days ago by Profile JayPi
All my WUs are uploaded successfully and waiting for the validator, even if the deadline was exceeded. New WUs are crunching.

Now it seems all to be ok.

4) Message boards : News : Up and Running Again (Message 17105)
Posted 1695 days ago by Profile JayPi
While trying to return finished WUs the following message appears:

26.07.2013 21:41:43 | Collatz Conjecture | Started upload of solo_collatz_2380223520128266643816_824633720832_0_0
26.07.2013 21:41:45 | Collatz Conjecture | Temporarily failed upload of solo_collatz_2380223520128266643816_824633720832_0_0: transient HTTP error
26.07.2013 21:41:45 | Collatz Conjecture | Backing off 4 hr 12 min 40 sec on upload of solo_collatz_2380223520128266643816_824633720832_0_0

Rebooting of the PC doesn't help. The WUs are still listed on my account page. Here one can see all running WUs with the Computer where the tasks resides.

Have I to reattach the Collatz Project?

5) Message boards : Number crunching : How to: reduce CPU usage while running on Intel GPU (Message 16943)
Posted 1728 days ago by Profile JayPi
It works fine, but it works only for new downloaded WUs.

Thank You!

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