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1) Message boards : Number crunching : WUs completing too quickly & getting too few WUs (Message 21691)
Posted 805 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
I don't use CPU for Collatz just the 4 GPUs on my 2 Titan Zs. The Titan Zs are GREAT cards with 6GB per GPU (12 per card)... BUT they are clocked ridiculously slow...

in a nutshell a Titan Z is pretty much 2 GTX 780TIs on one card..

But remember I think im only getting the MINI collatz WUs.. sieve 1.21, open_cl_nvidia_gpu

BUT the titan Z cards have a driver setting to turn most of the processing units inside each GPU into dedicated double precision FPUs.... most NV cards couldn't do this back then.. I imagine most can today...I don't own any 800/900 line of cards... no point yet... with 2 T Zs in quad SLI.. I can run ANY game at 2560x1600 at max qualities without a blip

plus I OC the hell out of them... the T Zs have a TERRIBLY low clock speed.. but they are basically 2 780TIs on one card (im over simplifying it a bit)....

With a VERY CREATIVE H20 cooling system, my CPU runs at 4.9-5Ghz which is why I LOVE my older intel i7-2600K and I have all the Tz overclocked by 500Mhz and set Precision EVGA to allow the cards to draw up to 120% as needed... I can also put them in a mode where it can go beyond 120% and tell it temp is the priority...

here is how i cool.. I yanked out the h20 cooling system in this alienware r3 unit... built a custom one...

the problem is most H20 units have ONE pump that circles water to all devices and that does always get cool water to devices down the line... AND that water must be COOLED BY air in a "radiator".. the problem is that Alienware machines use the air from INSIDE the box to cool the water while sucking air out.. my main cooling fan is in the FRONT... air draws in from the floor (where it's the coolest)... then the fan blasts all the PC cards so THEIR fans can pulling cooler air....even then the heat of these was keeping my case at 90F in a 66F home office (i keep it 65f year round)...

then I got an idea... I bought a portable 16,000 BTU AC and it has a window kit for the exhaust pipe.. one system pulls in room air and passes over the cooling "radiator" (condenser/evaporator.. I always get confused which is which named)... then it has other intakes that pull in room and that cool another "radiator" to blow the heat off them and return the coolant nice and cold while pushing the air out a tube , and out by window...

So... I make my own H20 system.. with one , strong pump... that splits off into 5 plastic tubes... CPU and 2 to to parts on the cooling plate for each card... then all 5 recombine into 1 tube which i then run out of the PC (I 100% disabled the CPU cooling fan/radiator)... that tube attaches to a connector that splits the flow into 20 SMALL copper pipes which I inserted into the 16K BTU and physically attached them to the "radiator" that gets COLD (about 40F).. plus the after the air passes through it, it's around 45F.... these small, METAL tubes bleed off the heat FAST.. sure it reduces the room cooling of the unit a bit.. but only by 2K BTU or so.. and that's MORE than enough.. 16K portable unit could cool an entire house floor of 1000sq ft...

anyway the water then comes back to a metal connector that is inserted into a plastic tube.. it recombines all the water from the tine copper tubes.. the pump then splits it into 5 more tubes so EACH device gets COLD water that NO other device warms.... each device is hit with 42-45F... Hence why I OC things so high...

At 5GHZ with the CPU under massive load, its temp is 65C... each GPU ides at 10-15C... and when under massive load, each GPU never goes over 70C.. and these cards are MADE to run long term at 80-85C... TTROTTLE is still set to never let the CPU get over 73C and the GPUs 82C.... this also has REALLY reduced the ambient temp inside my box from 90F (when everything was running hot)... to a cool 75F when under load... in place of the old CPU radiator, I put in a fan and connected it to the port that regulated the radiator fan to cool the CPUs water as the system wont boot unless it detects a running fan..

but I paid about nearly $4000 for all these GPUs....

If anyone doesn't believe how fast i crank out the WUs I an screenshot boincs ETA to finish them.. but it never gets it right.. it said 00:06:01 per WU.. but it really takes 4:50 to 5:01

and for CPU tasks I use milkyway at home because it sends you multicore WUs based on the number of ACTIVE CPUs you have sent in boinc.. so I get (6CPUs) next to each WU for MW.. I rarely use all CPUs because it's really 4 CPUS that can handle 2 threads and that's NOT quite the same as 4 more REAL CPUs.. but I need cPU time thats free for even GPU apps as they need SMALL cpu time...

If I overload my CPU, those 5M WUs can take up to 30mins... The CPU is need to feed data to the GPU and or system ram....if it's bogged down.. this doesn't happen.. plus I'm also a meologiet and have a weather system on my room and I pull data ever 2 seconds.. but it only need 0.5-1% total CPU use at all times

As far as someone mentioning errors, I don't get any.. unless I do something to
2) Message boards : Number crunching : WUs completing too quickly & getting too few WUs (Message 21690)
Posted 805 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
Thats my problem collatz doesn't have long running gpu apps.. or if it does im not getting them.... or I might be.. 2 Titan Zs is 4 GPus with over 20+K processors... plus I have them set to mostly double float .. I have to turn that off for gaming or gaming goes to crap...

The server only sends me ONE type of WU (although there's an option for 2)

I get Collatz Sieve 1.21 opencl nvidia gpu.. (I guess that's the MINI version)... about a year ago I was getting LONGER WUs for my GPUs that would run for a lot longer...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : WUs completing too quickly & getting too few WUs (Message 21686)
Posted 806 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
I only use the GPU setting, and prefs have CUDA and OPENCL checked. When I uncheck Open GL and just leave CUDA, I get absolutely NO WUs. IT seems they are open CL only... but that's no biggie.. I just leave both checked, and I also check the 2 apps for Collatz as well...

I can set BOINC to 10 days + 10 days MORE worth of work, and I can only get about 60 or so WUs... I manually edited CC config and told boinc that the max WUs to DL for any project was 500... but most projects seem to have a 50-100 WU limit...

My issue is that my PC works on 4 WUs at once, and each WU finishes in 5mins... so in 60 minutes, I complete 48 WUs Per hour. That means everything I DL finishes in about 1.5 hrs or less.My other machines take longer - especially the 580 cards and the 8800M laptop.. that takes almost an hr to do 1 WU. But the Titan Cards let me change many of the GPU processors over to double FP to speed up Cuda and open cl programs

Of course I Can leave the project setting in boinc to always get new tasks so they don't run out, but I typically like to DL WUs before bed, and get enough so they finish in about 8 hrs, and then im on my PC most of the day and boinc is off.

Is 60 or so the HARD limit of WUs one can have for this Project?
4) Message boards : News : Google's Anti-Malware Detection Gives False Positives (Message 21685)
Posted 806 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
screw google.. get a cert from verisign... unless google owns them now too.... :/
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing NVIDIA GPUs? (Message 19220)
Posted 1367 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]

Just that part.. that will let you run 2 WUs at once - one on each card.

Make sure to install TThrottle so it can monitor GPU/CPU temps and slow down boinc apps if you start to overheat.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing NVIDIA GPUs? (Message 19217)
Posted 1367 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
Dude.. you have an ATI card.. not an NVIDIA!!! 2 in fact!

set CPU to NO

The ABOVE was your issue all along! You told it to use NVIDIA only and NOT ATI GPUs :)

Now I'm NOT an ATI expert.. I deal only in nvidia

Brook+/CAL for AMD GPUs (ati14)
OpenCL for AMD GPUs (opencl_amd_gpu)
The above to I CAN NOT advise you on.. for now , i would check BOTH.. and then experiment to see what gives you the fastest completion time

CUDA GPUs (cuda40/cuda55): NO!
OpenCL for nVidia GPUs (opencl_nvidia_gpu): NO!
OpenCL for Intel GPUs (opencl_intel_gpu): NO!
OpenCL for Intel CPUs (opencl_intel_cpu):NO!
OpenCL for AMD/Intel CPUs (opencl_amd_cpu): NO!


You also need to edit the cc_config file and tell BOINC TO USE ALL GPUs for USE! :)

c:\ProgramData\BOINC\cc_config.xml.. you can edit it with a standard text editor to:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


<use_all_gpus>1</use_all_gpus> will let you work on TWO large WUs at once.. but I hope you have a VERY good cooling system and the cards have space instead

If you dont have it, get TTHROTTLE

and set the MAX GPU and CPU temps you do NOT want to exceed. I do not know the value for AMD CPU or Intel GPUs.. I'm an AMD/ATI hater :) LOL but most cards shouldn't go much over 80C.. sometimes 85-90 in VERY high end cards.

The report results immediately is a good and bad thing... it's GOOD as long as your aren't finishing WUs in 5 mins :) otherwise a server could get tired of talking to you... If they take 30 mins or more, then I tend to report them ASAP
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing NVIDIA GPUs? (Message 19214)
Posted 1367 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing NVIDIA GPUs? (Message 19211)
Posted 1367 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
Use a screenshot for your link.. when clicked on, it pulls up MY prefs :)

I have a 780 ti.. here is what I have set for prefs

Resource share 100
Use CPU Enforced by version 6.10+ no
Use ATI GPU Enforced by version 6.10+ no
Use NVIDIA GPU Enforced by version 6.10+ yes
Use Intel GPU Enforced by version 7.2+ no
Run test applications? no
Is it OK for Collatz Conjecture and your team (if any) to email you? yes
Should Collatz Conjecture show your computers on its web site? yes
Default computer location ---
Maximum CPU % for graphics 0 ... 100 1
Run only the selected applications
Mini Collatz Conjecture: no
Solo Collatz Conjecture: no
Large Collatz Conjecture: yes
Micro Collatz Conjecture: no
If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications? no
Run only the selected plan classes
CUDA for nVidia GPUs (cuda40/cuda55)
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing NVIDIA GPUs? (Message 19210)
Posted 1367 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
4/26/2014 9:30:40 PM | | app version refers to missing GPU type NVIDIA
4/26/2014 9:30:40 PM | Collatz Conjecture | Application uses missing NVIDIA GPU
4/26/2014 9:30:40 PM | | app version refers to missing GPU type NVIDIA
4/26/2014 9:30:40 PM | Collatz Conjecture | Application uses missing NVIDIA GPU

I do not understand what I am doing wrong.
Gandalf PC setup to Home Profile

Please advise.

That requires a GPU with CUDA 5.5 support, what card do you have?

Only higher end GTX cards will do CUDA 5.5.. and the large WUs don't do open CL.. so you might as well unchck that
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimizing Collatz v6.xx OpenCL and CUDA Applications (Message 19209)
Posted 1367 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
I need some educatin here...

First off - standard disclaimer ..... this pushes the card beyond standard use, and into territory not supported by either NVidia or AMD - you do so at your own risk - don't yell at me if you burn out the card :)

(its unlikely ..... but ..... its non standard use, so its at your risk, not mine)

The key is optimising the output. To do that you must paste this ......


.... into the existing file "solo_collatz_4.07_windows_x86_64__opencl_ati_100" marked as a CONFIG file. Probably the directory on yours is


To do so, open that file with notepad, don't mess with the file extension, just paste the lines shown above into it (do not use the "<configuration>" elements in my post above, just paste the lines of text.

When pasted, save the file - don't mess with extensions etc - just save as is, "default". You will need to restart BOINC, and then the app for it to take effect. I have set cautious values of 18 & 7 in the lines above - in reality I am running them as 22 and 9 - however take it slow and steady at first, get it running, then increase each value separately in stages. If you reach the max of 22 & 9 - well, fine - but you may crash, if the latter back off one step with those values.

When that file is loaded with those values, set your other config files to suit your machine - the ones in the other post above are for my 3960x.

How are you guys getting 500 sec on a WU? How are you getting two WU's on a GPU? (I read that in the other thread)

Don't try to put two of these on the same GPU, the GPU will be heavily loaded as is, doesn't need any more.

What you will then need to do to get faster than around 670 secs or so, is optimise your GPU. You do that by a slow and steady tuning of the GPU via the Valley Benchmark Tool, you can download that from here:

A note of caution re the tool, its pretty benign, but you are stretching the card, so take it slow and easy. It you get to this stage, I suggest you post in the standard Crunching forum for help on using the tool - not here, as that would help others and keep this thread with essential elements only.

Re the speed comment
I am running 7970s on a 3960x CPU, your GPUs are NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 - you can expect substantially slower output than mine, and - probably - circa 20 mins is not far off what you can expect ..... but try it and see, just don't expect 530 secs with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

However it looks like you have a 7970 on the machine as well - statement of the obvious .... but .... use that card for this, not the 660

I have my 780ti OCed to 1400Mhz and use

I'm not sure if the WU will go over 29/9/9 buy at 29/9/9 I was getting less than 100%.. now I get 100%.. but the sleep function is causing me to loose precious time.. I have liquid cooling the runs through a wall AC and my GPUs never go over 45C even under the most intense load.

I tried sleep = 0 but the WU ignores it...

It would be nice to have sleep as an option.. yes it would effectly LOCK UP the display , but if boinc is set to snooze GPU and/or CPU when the comp is non idle... just moving the mouse will shut the WU down, and the computer will be useable...

Also if someone has more than 1 GPU, then can plug the monitor into that GPU... and use the others for CUDA or openCL... you can use all the other ones you like, and the computer will respond normally unless the video card that drives the monitor is in use.. I do this all the time... this way I can game using 1 780ti, and let the other 780ti and 760 crunch while I game

Tecnically (at least with nvidia), you can redender DX or open cl games on any card, but the display data still has to pass through the card the monitor to hook up.. and you lose
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Large WU Feedback (Message 19200)
Posted 1368 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
Solved it... the changes didn't effect the current WU.. now it's using 100% of my GPU... 29/9/9 still wasn't enough to get 100%..

I put it at 32/12/12 and that landed me 100%.. I can even OC up to 1400MHZ and then I get 99% use.

the reason a lot of people can't get these is the insane time eta boinc will ONLY downloaded the large WU if set to get 10 days + 10 days of data...

However , once a wU is complete, it will get the normally despite the long ETA... It'd be nice of the maker of this project would set the WU completion time to 48hrs (a fast GPU can do it in 4-6 hrs)
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Large WU Feedback (Message 19190)
Posted 1368 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
the large Wus are only using my TIs at 75% power and 75% utilization

I've tried the recommended 29/9 config file.. still 75%.. any way for this WU to use 100% of my GPU?
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Large size impossible (Message 19185)
Posted 1368 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
It seems to be ok now... I aborted the WU.. the only way to get another one was to get boinc to get 10 days worth of work... powered off my machine...

and now it's doing 2% every 10 mins... so once it's done with the WU, boinc should re evaluate my GPUs ability on this project
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Large WU Feedback (Message 19184)
Posted 1368 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Large size impossible (Message 19183)
Posted 1368 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]
I have, arguably, one of the fastest GPUs on the planet.. a gtx 780TI OCed to 1300Mhz... the WU has a 7 DAY deadline with an eta of 1514 hrs.. 64 DAYS.. So I figured. ok.. that's off a bit.. so I let it run a few hrs ... the EARLIEST I can finish this WU is 10 DAYS...

Something isn't right.. I tried to get an OPEN CL version but none are available.. only cuda 5.5 which is normally best for NVIDIA cards, but I've heard opencl is better for non keppler GPUs
16) Message boards : News : Switching To CreditNew (Message 19182)
Posted 1369 days ago by David A. Dutton [TopGun]

Yes, april fools day for Collatz, but real actuality at a lot of other projects.

It's shocking that some projects would even see the logic in this.

It's al about HW, not about time. If I have 8gpus, vs someone with 1, I should get 8xs the credit

Or if I have a gtx 780ti vs an 8800 I should get a LOT more credit as I've crunched a lot more per hr

Sad that projects don't look at work vs time. It's all about work.

If so,some can't afford good HW, they can still contribute. And get milestones... It just takes longer. The world isn't fair.

I'd love to see that April fools logic applied to RL, the world would fall apart economically

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