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Posted 4 Aug 2018 by modesti

It is a large time ago, that SETI not produce GPU WU . Very big mistery . Alein are back ???

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Maybe you had some Lunatics optimizations installed and that's why you don't get any GPU work for SETI. Without any optis and/or app_config.xml I get regularly GPU work for SETI.
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Posted 21 Apr 2018 by modesti
first of all, I want to thank Slicker for his hard work in trying to fix the problems.

Then I'd like to give some feedback for ATI-WUs received on this computer:
It seems that the WUs get stuck in an infinite loop. They run for about 25-30 minutes or so and then start from the beginning. (ATI HD 7970).

Shall I try all of the WUs I got or shall I abort them all? I've already aborted 2 of them.

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