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1) Message boards : Number crunching : XML Data (Message 15234)
Posted 1919 days ago by Profile [SG]steini
Thank you very much.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : XML Data (Message 14839)
Posted 1931 days ago by Profile [SG]steini

the workunitid-tag is now fine.
But there is also a missing > at every </claimed_cedit>-tag.

Sorry for answering late, but i wrote a workaround in the php-script with str_replace so i didn't check this thread again.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : XML Data (Message 13959)
Posted 2085 days ago by Profile [SG]steini

i'm using[deleted for security reasons] and getting an error because there
is an unexpected tab at every
<workuni tid>50051146</workunitid>

Or just transmit the <total_claimed_credit> tag
without the workunit data.

Please collatz team please please fix it.
It's the 5 seconds work worth.

4) Message boards : Windows : ATI HD3000 onboard (AMD 760G) (Message 13483)
Posted 2170 days ago by Profile [SG]steini

i've an onboard ATI HD3000 grafik card and a Geforce GT 430 PCI-Express.

The Gforce runs without any hussle but the ATI gets always calculation erros in collatz.

I also tried Seti@home with lunatics app and it runs without errors on the ati.

Catalyst: 11.6b
ATI Stream: 2.4
512mb grafik memory

In the Ati stream system requirements the HD3000 is supported.

greetings from germany

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