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1) Message boards : Number crunching : What changed? Downloading CPU tasks.. (Message 7008)
Posted 2849 days ago by CLST
Cool tangent!

But yeh, I got some CPU work units, when I'm also not signed up for CPU work.
2) Message boards : Science : The Collatz Conjecture (Message 5976)
Posted 2910 days ago by CLST
The number theory behind the conjecture is deep, and like many deep number theory questions (Exs: Riemann Zeta, Goldbach Conjecture, Fermat's Last Theorem) the mathematical interest is not so much about the truth of the statement or not.

The real worth is in getting there. Fermat's Last Theorem is not a useful theorem. It doesn't illuminate our lives with great truth. The proof of it however relied on and required the development of advanced mathematics which is in itself useful.

Similarly knowing the truth value of the Collatz Conjecture isn't in itself useful. The question simply never comes up! Ditto with the Goldbach Conjecture.

But who knows what the hell you have to do to prove it? That's the real question. And looking at the behavior of the algorithm on different numbers could be just the muse needed to prove it.

Finding a counterexample while exceptionally unlikely, would put the question to rest, and simultaneously inspire a study of the weird class of numbers that do not satisfy the Collatz Conjecture.
3) Message boards : Science : How does the picture relate to the conjecture? (Message 3639)
Posted 2992 days ago by CLST
I was wondering how the picture (fractal in the complex plane) related to the conjecture.


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