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1) Message boards : News : Potential Outage After June 5 thru June 15 (Message 19562)
Posted 1396 days ago by gomeyer
PECO recently replaced my meter. The whole process left me without power for less than three minutes. My UPS hardly knew it had happened.

Let's hope . . .
2) Message boards : News : Missing Apps (Message 19271)
Posted 1424 days ago by gomeyer
My HOME venue is set for NVidia only and SOLO only, but I haven't received any SOLO WUs on the two machines using that venue. I seem to be able to get mini but they run in only 15-20 minutes on the faster of those machines which is way too short. Am I doing something wrong here?

EDIT: D'OH. The second I posted this I got a bunch. Never Mind.

Is it possible that the SOLO check box on the SCHOOL venue is not working. The last change I made was to move them to the HOME venue from SCHOOL. I did that about 10 minutes before posting.
3) Message boards : News : Phasing out Multi-Size (Message 19165)
Posted 1428 days ago by gomeyer
I'm asking for mini and micro for my wimpy GPUs, server sez nothing available.

edit: CUDA only
4) Message boards : News : CUDA vs nVidia OpenCL User Poll (Message 18607)
Posted 1496 days ago by gomeyer

I'd be happy with a choice that says "CUDA or nothing". OpenCL is a waste on my equipment.

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