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1) Message boards : News : Sieve in Production; Large and Solo deprecated (Message 21393)
Posted 839 days ago by klepel
Me too! I started the whole Collatz Conjecture thing for the CAL/Brook+ AMD hd4200 igp application - I PMed you to start it years ago… And I always used it, as a fun thing to run besides GPUGRID on the power full GPs, (Sorry to say it) I will only run Collatz Conjecture as a second back-up application.

So please - please don’t let it die!

As well I need a short version of the Sieve Program (Same length as Mini) as I used the Mini application to run it on my Laptop during charging the battery overnight. With you actual Sieve length I will never finish on time and I am not willing to run my Laptop on a 24 hours / 7 days.

As well as with the Micro application: I have not used it on my Smartphone, but I still think, this application on Android and Raspberry PI is worthwhile to maintain, as it is available for another group of users: students, pupils, which might not run BOINC on a computer (farm) but might run it on their smartphone or Raspberry PI as a new little program to test it and addicted them to BOINC. I ran it on a USB Memo-stick with Puppy Linux…

And one last thought, you might as well harvest all the old computer parts which are not of much use on other projects like GPUGRID, but still give descend points on yours. I personally tried to install LINUX Mint on an old PC with a GTX 9800, just to use it for Einstein and for Collatz, and after months of trying I succeeded! I would not have bought a new computer or motherboard but I am willing to use these parts on a project like Collatz.

Hope we are changing your mind!

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