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1) Message boards : News : SSL Issues (Message 24362)
Posted 100 days ago by Profile Handicap [SG-FC]
254 Collatz Conjecture 12.10.2017 15:18:10 Scheduler request failed: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
255 12.10.2017 15:18:11 Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
256 12.10.2017 15:18:13 Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.
2) Message boards : News : CUDA vs nVidia OpenCL User Poll (Message 18598)
Posted 1434 days ago by Profile Handicap [SG-FC]
I would prefer CUDA. I'm using my CPUs for another BOINC project. So less CPU usage is mandatory. I would like the same for AMD GPUs. Exactly the way it was before the crash. Maximum GPU and minimum CPU usage. I don't like the solo workunits at all.


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