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1) Message boards : Windows : Driver and program version (ATI) (Message 14564)
Posted 1998 days ago by Uffe F
Ahr okay, thank you very much, then I will just happely crunch on with the 2.09 version :)

Have a nice day.
2) Message boards : Windows : Driver and program version (ATI) (Message 14540)
Posted 2003 days ago by Uffe F
Hi all. I have been searching for the difference in Collatz apps that are used.

I have this computer running collatz on a Radeon HD 6970M

I get the 2.09 app which is listed as an older version on the optimized app site.

So my questions are:
Will I get a newer app if i upgrade my drivers to 12.x?
Is the new apps faster for my card? I couldn't find anything for the ATI cards after app 2.09

Some links to further information about app 3.xx for ATI cards would also be nice.

I heard that some 12.x drivers are not so good for all projects on boinc, so can you recomends some stable builds?
I use the driver from my manufactorer, but it's a small firm who assemple the computers themselves, so I think they actually just use the generic driver, so should be no problem upgrading. Just want to hear if it would help before I go through all the trouble.

Regards Uffe

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