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1) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Received WU but GPU usage shows 0% (Message 18917)
Posted 1395 days ago by Juergen
Thanks for the quick response.

Both boxes 'while computer is in use' and 'use gpu while computer is in use' are checked. The option 'while processor usage is less then [] percent (zero means no restriction)' is set to 0.
2) Message boards : Unix/Linux : Received WU but GPU usage shows 0% (Message 18912)
Posted 1396 days ago by Juergen

i'm running Boinc under Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and an HD5870. The manager works fine, but when the WU starts the gpu usage shows 0% and gives me 10 hours of remaining computing time. I use the command aticonfig --odgc to get the information. My configuration is set at use only gpu and 100%. Boinc recognizes the gpu:

CAL: ATI GPU 0: ATI Radeon HD 5800/5900 series (Cypress/Hemlock) (CAL version 1.4.1848, 1024MB, 911MB available, 5600 GFLOPS peak)

Any ideas? Thanks!
3) Message boards : News : v4.06 Application Released for Windows x64 for OpenCL (Message 16456)
Posted 1714 days ago by Juergen
The collatz and mini_collatz work fine on my 5870, thanks for the update.

But i get a error with the solo_collatz:
Error: GPU steps do not match CPU steps. Workunit processing has been aborted.
4) Message boards : News : Collatz 4.xx Windows OpenCL App for AMD 32 and 64 bit Released (Message 16429)
Posted 1719 days ago by Juergen
I do not know why, but I get calculation errors all the time:
('Berechnungsfehler' = error)

I own a FX-8350 and a VTX3D HD 7850 X-Edition on Catalyst 13.5. On earlier versions it was that way, too.

Same here with a 5870, catalyst 13.4 and w7 64

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