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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 23621)
Posted 398 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
I love the use of the fractal as a badge. I was amazed by Gibson Praise's post that there are other fractals that can be used.

I'd like to propose a version of CSG's badge system here:

x colors by y fractals

We could have 7 colors with 3 fractals or 5 colors with 4 fractals (my preference) or whatever Slicker wants. CSG increments color before theme - I think the theme should increment first. Otherwise you do masses of work only to end up with a bronze badge. This is similar to the monkey system at Goofyxgrid where stars are added until you progress to the next color.

My proposed progression is thus:
Bronze Fractal 1
Bronze Fractal 2
Bronze Fractal 3
Bronze Fractal 4
Silver Fractal 1
Silver Fractal 2
etc etc etc
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't get Micro work on Android device (Message 23037)
Posted 480 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
This device:

I enabled everything except Sieve but it flat out refuses to send any work. It says there's no work available but of course that's just BOINC manager being dumb as a bag of rocks - I got plenty of Micro tasks on my non-PIE devices.

Is my Galaxy 5 just too powerful for Micro tasks or is there some other stuff going on?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : What are the least demanding CPU and GPU projects? (Message 22494)
Posted 602 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*

I just joined this website and I'd like to contribute some power to it, but not too much because I have an older laptop.

My laptop is an alienware m14x r1.

So what are the least demanding projects for this old laptop?

The shortest I'm getting out of my GPU is 1 hour per project, is this as low as I can go?

I am not worried about the laptop overheating, as I have lowered the cpu usage on my boinc to a max of 25%.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 22487)
Posted 604 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Science isn't enough!
At you get your last badge and then nothing.
And there could be more colours or badges of a different shape or something.

I mean, how to stay motivated?

We could do like the democrats do here in the USA and just raise the badge limits. If we doubled everything, the last badge would be at 4b. Of course, we'd have to add more badges at the bottom and so all those people could feel good about not actually contributing much to the project.

(Does sarcasm really not come through in written text?)

You actually have a good point. As GPUs get faster and faster, it gets easier to reach the top badge.

Or you could do as the Republicans do and just give badges to donors and the top 0.1% and tell the gullible that the badges will trickle down.
5) Message boards : Macintosh : Sieve don't work for me! (Message 21699)
Posted 805 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
I got exactly the same. Took 10s though.

Slicker, any chance of a working app for AMD on OSX?
6) Message boards : Cafe : Team Recruitment 2 (Message 20552)
Posted 957 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Hello Astra*s,

After a short break the team forum is once again alive and kicking. Come join the fun at:

Please note this is not the old address.

New members always welcome to the party
7) Message boards : Number crunching : No micro collatz tasks available (Message 20416)
Posted 1003 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Are you still getting this?

I get it on one tablet but not two others. The only real difference is the version of Android, so maybe that's what's stopping the WUs.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Signal 11 on all WUs (Message 17592)
Posted 1575 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Upgrading to the lastest OS X version seems to fix it. The app was compiled on OS X 10.8 if I recall correct and is supposed to be backwards compatible to OS X 10.6 but that doesn't seem to work as advertised.

Thanks Slicker.

IIRC it was an upgrade to 10.7 that made GPU crunching work in the first place (OpenCL compatibility or something).

I'll give that a whirl fair anon.

In the meantime my Linux box is crunching on solo like crazy (by my low end standards at least).

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Signal 11 on all WUs (Message 17583)
Posted 1576 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Broadly speaking - yes.

Signal 11 can be a nightmare to track without any other information. Most times its just a simple fault condition - but tracking it without more information is "fun". Don't assume Hardware Armageddon has occurred :)

If it persists, have a look at:

Its easy to think the worst - don't - but its hard to pin down at present.

Hopefully the information in the link will help narrow it down. Most times its low powered hardware that cant cope with the application. Try other Collatz apps, see what happens - its about all I can suggest at present without more concrete information.

A good start point is to make sure you are running at default speeds and values for your Machine/Hardware until you track it down.

There is a good checklist a couple of screens down that link:

Ok. I may have a hardware problem what is it?

Thanks, I will follow that link but in the meantime here's some extra info:

Almost all my Collatz crunching has been done on this one machine - entirely problem free until now. I haven't changed a single thing on the hardware (MacBook).

I get these errors on all 3 Collatz apps. I don't get this problem on other apps on this machine.

I tried running solo on my Linux box a month+ back and all those failed too.

Ah well, 5mil isn't a bad total and if I can't get this fixed easily there's always Einstein or Seti.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Signal 11 on all WUs (Message 17579)
Posted 1576 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Returning to Collatz after a pause, I was excited to see optimized apps and a new application.

Sadly, none of them run - I get signal 11 on all WUs when previously I could run collatz and mini-collatz without any trouble.

I downgraded to 7.0.31 and reattached bu got exactly the same result.

Am I the only one?
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Dwindling Credit (Message 16026)
Posted 1799 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
WUs are taking longer. Previously a collatz task would take 3.5 -4 hours, now they are taking 6+ hours.

The Pending queue is consistent - usually about half a dozen tasks waiting.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Dwindling Credit (Message 16023)
Posted 1799 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Over the last 3 months I have noticed my RAC dropping steadily as WUs take longer. Early December I was up around 21,000 but now I'm barely hitting half that most days.

I thought the credit system used on Collatz ensured a fairly constant credits/hour even if WUs took longer as the numbers got bigger.

Slicker, can you enlighten me please?

13) Message boards : Number crunching : Invalid WUs (Message 14608)
Posted 1989 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
After I started this thread I stopped crunching for a few days. Then I restarted on mini-collatz only and that was fine.

After a while I restarted the collatz WUs and now I'm getting a whole load of invalids.

I've just aborted all my WUs so that someone else can crunch and get credit, rather than me add to global warming and produce nothing useful.

One thing: I did get a message five days ago about a new version of BOINC. I've not yet updated.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Invalid WUs (Message 14562)
Posted 2001 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
After more than a month of happy GPU crunching, I've hit what seems to be a brick wall.

Over the past few days the number of WUs that become pending due to inconclusive validation has increased to such an extent that now none of my WUs successfully validate.

Is this a bad batch or has my GPU decided enough is enough?

I've not seen any degradation in video performance, but then I don't play high-performance games nor do I watch full screen videos or DVDs.


15) Message boards : Macintosh : Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 + AMD Radeon HD 6750M + Boinc 7.0.7 = Problem (Message 14494)
Posted 2013 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Nikolay - was the performance improved?

I think I have the same system as you.
Collatz WUs run in 3h45m, minis in 27m

16) Message boards : Number crunching : MacBook Pro with Radeon HD6750M (Message 14465)
Posted 2019 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
He does mean Darwin.

I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion and I've been crunching quite merrily for the past 2 weeks. No longer need any app_info files or messing about with settings. It works!

So if you want to run WUs on a MacBook Pro with a Radeon HD6750M, you will need Lion.

The actual issue is with the version of OpenCL. Snow Leopard only supports 1.0 but Lion supports 1.1 and that's what you need for crunching. There is no way to change OpenCL other than an OS upgrade.

I got my upgrade for free so my suggestion is to wait a few more days and get the Mountain Lion upgrade - it's cheaper than the Lion upgrade.
17) Message boards : Macintosh : Notice: "ATI GPU: Upgrade to the latest driver..." (Message 14334)
Posted 2036 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Slicker is reporting the Darwin kernel version when he says 11.x

Correct. That's what gets sent to the server. Probably the output of "uname -a" or something. I haven't looked into that part of the BOINC source code so that's just a guess, but since OS X 10.6.6 reports as 10.6.0 and uname -a shows Kernel 10.6.0, it seems like a good guess.

Got it! Thanks guys, appreciate the patience and the learning.

I'm now on Lion and have already crunched my first WU on my ATI. I love this stuff!!

And Many Thanks to Jon for helping me. I hope my MacBook will repay you...
18) Message boards : Macintosh : Notice: "ATI GPU: Upgrade to the latest driver..." (Message 14299)
Posted 2041 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
OK, so it seems like its worth waiting until next month for the release of Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) as Apple says this is a $20 upgrade whereas Lion is $30. I never did understand Apple's pricing.

Just a little confusion around the OS X version you mention. There is no OS X 11.

10.6 (Snow Leopard) introduced support for OpenCL 1.0
10.7 (Lion) introduced support for OpenCL 1.1
10.8 (Mountain Lion) - I don't know what happen with OpenCL support

Einstein@H will require Mountain Lion for its AMD GPU support so biting the bullet and waiting for 10.8 seems the best option for now.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : MacBook Pro with Radeon HD6750M (Message 14291)
Posted 2042 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Of course I meant the I parameter.

I know someone has it running because it's logged on WUProps:

Is there anybody out there?


20) Message boards : Number crunching : MacBook Pro with Radeon HD6750M (Message 14287)
Posted 2043 days ago by Profile Steve Hawker*
Hi fellow crunchers,

Has anyone got their 6750 to crunch Collatz? I set up the app_info.xml and even after reducing the S parameter to 16384 all my WUs are invalid. I haven't gotten a single valid WU off my GPU and this makes me quite sad!

MacBook is running Snow Leopard and I have the latest BOINC and Collatz apps.

Jon got me this far, i'm hoping someone out there can get me to the next step...



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