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1) Message boards : Windows : Failed to add project? (Message 21077)
Posted 947 days ago by [SG-FC]quentix
I had the same problem. But i was able to solve it.

Try the following:

1. Remove Collatz from Boinc.
2. Close Boinc.
3. Log In to your Collatz-Account on the Website.
4. Below your User-ID you can click to show your account-key. Click it.
5. On the site that appears you can read that you have to create a file called "account_boinc.thesonntags.com_collatz.xml" in the Data folder of Boinc. Do that. Without the "".
6. There is also written what you have to copy into the file.

Something like that:

Copy it from the site and paste it into the "account_boinc.thesonntags.com_collatz.xml". Don't forget to save.

7. Start Boinc and wait some seconds. Collatz should be added automatically.
8. Good Luck! ;-)

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