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Posted 1684 days ago by Profile [AF>Libristes] Guepi
Many badges - a bad idea.

IF you are going to give out badges giving them less often means people will get one and think the next one is too far off and quit. Making them closer together makes people think 'only 2 more months and I can get the next one' and they keep going. BUT there should be new ones added at the top all the time, WCG has badges but the highest is 2 years per badge, I got those very quickly and don't really have any incentive to keep crunching there, I already have all the badges I can get! You need to keep adding new ones at the top as people get more and more badges, just to keep them crunching here instead of elsewhere. Otherwise all you will ever have is new people, all the long time crunchers will be elsewhere.

Either you crunch for badges, either you crunch for science. :-)

Personnaly, I crunch for science, and I'm very glad to get badges or certificate for helping this research to go forward. But I don't need badges for crunching on a particular subject.
I pride myself on having helping fighting aids or other stuff.

In that way, I'm not sure having billions of badges will help science.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 16717)
Posted 1689 days ago by Profile [AF>Libristes] Guepi
I like the circles one.

And for the pages, I like the pages proposed by arkayn & x3mEn.

Any idea about the integration of this super wonderful feature ? ;-)

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