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1) Message boards : News : Internet Provider Testing (Message 8470)
Posted 2772 days ago by ChinookFoehn
66+ tasks on the one laptop uploaded seamlessly and the new tasks download quickly as well. No bandwidth delays that I could notice and I am, theoretically, 10Mbps/1Mbps down/up.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Win7 on dual user computer & GPU task errors (Message 4671)
Posted 2954 days ago by ChinookFoehn
For those who may face this problem in the future...

Just logging the account off after having played the game is not good enough as when I went back to my side and resumed Collatz, the tasks started sequentially failing, until I suspended Collatz again.

I had to reboot the computer to flush the graphics card in order for Collatz to be able to work correctly.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Win7 on dual user computer & GPU task errors (Message 4645)
Posted 2956 days ago by ChinookFoehn
Yeah I have the management box checked. I'd prefer that he could control it on 'his side'. However I did forget about the do not use GPU when in use box. In this case, it would be nice for him to uncheck it when he plays and check it again when he finishes. Once the marathon is ended I'll see if I can figure out why their is no control over BOINC on his side even though, for now, I gave him administrator privileges.

After a night's sleep, a somewhat disturbed sleep as they finished playing their first games playing marathon session around 07:00; I realised it is probably the Microsoft game, Age of Empires version ???, that is interfering with the GPU.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Win7 on dual user computer & GPU task errors (Message 4640)
Posted 2956 days ago by ChinookFoehn
Just upgraded to WIN7-64bit on a couple of computers. I am letting the kid use one to play network games with his friends under his own account. It has an ATI GPU - latest CCC version. Also running Docking and WCG on that particular computer (dual Turion). I left my account running as BOINC will not run under the kid's account - or, more probable, I can't configure it to run under the kid's account no matter what I do to with Windows properties for the BOINC Manager.

The kids just took a break and it was the first time I could look at Boinc v6.10.18 and I found that all Collatz tasks have errored out (most at 1.xx second) yet Docking and WCG continued, finished, uploaded, and commenced new tasks.

Still learning Win7 and its particular oddities.

Any ideas or is just advisable to turn off Collatz on this computer during the Christmas school holidays?

Thank you for any knowledgeable reply.


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