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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Only HD 2400 thru HD 6990 are allowed to run ATI applications. (Message 20405)
Posted 1004 days ago by Kwartet!
Video driver too old, like here?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : What is the best GPU for Points Per Day. (Message 19492)
Posted 1344 days ago by Kwartet!
Please see WUprop

AMD seems generally to be the better choice.
3) Message boards : News : v4.07 Released for Windows (Message 16510)
Posted 1710 days ago by Kwartet!
Windows 7 64bit
ATI 7770 OC to 1175 MHz, Catalyst 13.4
no app_config.xml
collatz.config file as per your example
[EDIT where did I find the config file?

GPU 97%
average runtime 2264 secs GPU + 47 secs CPU
~300,000 credits/day

Thanks, I could finally upgrade Catalyst from 12.10!
4) Message boards : News : v4.06 Application Released for Windows x64 for OpenCL (Message 16452)
Posted 1717 days ago by Kwartet!
4.06 is running faster than 4.05. Average GPU time was around 11.000 secs, new GPU time 6.000 secs. GPU activity went down too.

I posted about this in the 'ByeByeWingman' thread (

EDIT Oh, Thomas, run multiple instances.
I use this app_config.xml in my collatz data directory:


And mind you: save as ANSI. When I saved as UTF, BOINC saw the file but ignored its contents.
5) Message boards : News : ByeBye Wingman (Message 16450)
Posted 1717 days ago by Kwartet!
Hi, may I pipe in?

Still running Catalyst 12.10 on a Radeon 7770 under Windows 7.

After slightly limiting my OC to 1275 MHz, I didn't experience too many compute errors using solo_collatz. Runtimes were in the range of 10,000-12,000 secs plus 11-20 secs cpu-time. I run 2 wu's in parallel.

Starting yesterday, my runtimes nearly halved thanks to solo_collatz v4.06.

A small computation from userid=44569
gpu/cpu was 10807,246/15,054 secs
gpu/cpu is 5209,218/12,794 secs,

and I'm under the impression that gpu activity went down a notch from 99% to under 90%.

[EDIT: & I see my first 4.06 wu was half the size of a normal one, it did go in the computation above, but still 4.06 is a good deal faster than 4.05]
6) Message boards : Number crunching : all ati gpu (hd7970) wu's erroring (computation error) (Message 15938)
Posted 1827 days ago by Kwartet!
Same here, went back to 12.10 and collatz wu's run fine again. Under 13.1 all wu's error'd out in the first second or so.

Access Violation (0xc0000005) at address 0x000000007737E4B4 write attempt to address 0x00000024

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