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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors on CUDA workunit (Message 20725)
Posted 932 days ago by boinc127
I don't think the errors are limited to the CUDA workunits. I have also received these same kinds of errors trying to use the OpenCL app for Nvidia and the Intel OpenCL app as well. I had one work unit run and validate, and another one fail after a couple of seconds.
2) Message boards : News : Sieve Application Testing (Message 20551)
Posted 955 days ago by boinc127
What GPU loads are you seeing? Hopefully somewhere around 98-100%.

Yes, usage does go between 99 and 100%. And the finish time with BOINC is pretty accurate, it should finish within 25 hours.
3) Message boards : News : Sieve Application Testing (Message 20543)
Posted 955 days ago by boinc127
Just some general observations:

Memory usage is in line with NFS@home... about 800 MB. So pretty average for a sieving project? I am surprised that the OpenCL program for Nvidia doesn't require an entire CPU. As a matter of fact, the program barely registers CPU usage at all, between 0% and 1.8%. And according to Boinc, the runtime should be about 24 hours, but we shall see how accurate that estimate is.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : application Large Collatz Conjecture needs 56 Days to complete (Message 19250)
Posted 1365 days ago by boinc127
Just as I estimated, my workunit completed in 109,024 seconds. So 109,024 seconds divided by 3600 seconds gives me 30.284 hours. I find messing with CPU settings while using the CUDA program version may slow down the computation, so I usually leave it alone. I don't like OpenCL very much because it uses the CPU more than CUDA, although sometimes it is faster (depending on the CUDA version being used). Since this program uses cuda55, I will assume for now it will run faster than the OpenCL version, but I will request another Long Collatz Conjecture workunit using OpenCL and test again it later.

BTW the pictures of those rigs... wow! Very nice!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : application Large Collatz Conjecture needs 56 Days to complete (Message 19203)
Posted 1366 days ago by boinc127
My workunit said it was going to take 1733 hours to complete. The BOINC client isn't very good at estimating time. But the more workunits you run the better the estimates will be. So far I've been running it for about 6 hours and its at about 20% complete, so I'm looking at a 30 hour completion time. (I've been estimating the time since it hit 1% and it has stayed pretty consistent at 30 hours completion time, give or take an hour.)
6) Message boards : News : CUDA vs nVidia OpenCL User Poll (Message 18570)
Posted 1437 days ago by boinc127
Its a wash for me... CUDA sounds good since it uses much less of the CPU, but I prefer OpenCL because my card processes OpenCL WU's faster than CUDA WU's. If I had a choice, that would be even better, so I could choose to drop a core to use OpenCL, or run multiple projects and sacrifice a little time with CUDA. I'd say

option B is my first choice, but I will roll with whatever is best for the project.

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