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1) Message boards : Number crunching : ATI HD6570 is unsupported? (Message 21904)
Posted 745 days ago by Profile Coronium
ATI HD6570 is supported, but the default values selected by WUs are completely wrong. Therefore all WUs will crash without tuning.

Edit the file:

Windows: C:\ProgramData\BOINC\projects\boinc.thesonntags.com_collatz\<app_name>.config
Linux: /var/lib/boinc-client/projects/boinc.thesonntags.com_collatz/<app_name>.config

Content of <app_name>.config:


To reduce screen lag use:

2) Message boards : News : Prepping for Android 5 (Message 20258)
Posted 1075 days ago by Profile Coronium
Problem with Shared Memory

I got no new tasks since 7 days. Resetting project doesn't help. "Not tasks available ..."

Therefore I create an app_info.xml which seems to work.


New WUs arrive. But there is a strange issue with shared memory. WUs don't start because they are waiting for shared memory. State: "Waiting for shared memory"

Raw task info from remote Boinctui / Linux:
┌─────────────────────────────────── Task Info Raw View ──────────────────────────────────┐ │ │ │ PROJECT NAME Collatz Conjecture │ │ APP NAME micro_collatz │ │ │ │ name micro_collatz_2393173198289669727347_6442450944_1 │ │ wu_name micro_collatz_2393173198289669727347_6442450944 │ │ version_num 600 │ │ plan_class android_arm_pie │ │ project_url │ │ final_cpu_time 0.000000 (0s) │ │ final_elapsed_time 0.000000 (0s) │ │ exit_status 0 │ │ state 2 (downloaded) │ │ report_deadline 1424852678.000000 (Wed Feb 25 09:24:38 2015) │ │ received_time 1423643078.192069 (Wed Feb 11 09:24:38 2015) │ │ estimated_cpu_time_remaining 43412.926186 (12h 3m 32s) │ │ │ │ active_task_state 0 (uninitialized) │ │ app_version_num 600 │ │ slot 2 │ │ pid 0 │ │ scheduler_state 1 (preempted) │ │ checkpoint_cpu_time 0.000000 (0s) │ │ fraction_done 0.000000 (0 %) │ │ current_cpu_time 0.000000 (0s) │ │ elapsed_time 0.000000 (0s) │ │ swap_size 0.000000 │ │ working_set_size 0.000000 │ │ working_set_size_smoothed 0.000000 │ │ page_fault_rate 0.000000 │ │ needs_shmem │ │ │ │ │ └─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┘

My OS is Android 4.4.4 (quad core cpu, 1GB RAM) with Native-Boinc-App. PIE and none-PIE are supported both.

There is another strange behavior. Einstein@Home is running too in parallel without any problems. But when Collatz Conjecture starts, then Einstein@Home stops and complains "Waiting for shared memory". What the hell..???

BTW: I'm using Native-Boinc-App/Android since years without any problems (Collatz Conjecture, Einstein@Home and SETI@Home).
3) Message boards : News : Issues and Resolutions (Message 18575)
Posted 1436 days ago by Profile Coronium
Linux apps are almost impossible as no linux distros even have drivers for the HD4xxx GPUs any more so while I may be able to create an app on a virtual machine, I have no way to test it as my boxes are running distros that are too new and the old ones aren't available on the mirrors any more.

The AMD fglrx-legacy-driver (Debian, Ubuntu,...) supports with these hardware:

I have an onbord Radeon HD3000 (RS780L) that worked fine. (Optimized application; app_info.xml required).
4) Message boards : News : Issues and Resolutions (Message 18507)
Posted 1438 days ago by Profile Coronium
The solo_collatz_6.05_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu__opencl... files don't read their .config files. The .config file is copied with other files into the slot but never read. Therefore you have no chance to adjust CPU or GPU utilization at high system load.

I think that is a bug in the software. Is there any way to make .config files work?
5) Message boards : News : Collatz Back Online with Solo Collatz Only (Message 18332)
Posted 1446 days ago by Profile Coronium
The new Collatz doesn't require double precision on the GPU, does it?

That is correct. My card has single precision and it works...
6) Message boards : News : Collatz Back Online with Solo Collatz Only (Message 18330)
Posted 1446 days ago by Profile Coronium
So, since it works OK on the CPU and on nVidia GPUs but not AMD GPUs, then the issue is with the AMD driver.

Works great on Linux with proprietary AMD drivers (Debian Jessie, fglrx driver). GPU load is 99%. Temp (max) 61°C and the card has only passive cooling.

But there are a lot of screen lags and the system is very sluggish. And yes, it seems that the parameters from the *.config file are not read at all. No message in the log file with the parameters from the *.config file.

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