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1) Message boards : Number crunching : The "I Want To User Another GPU" Question (Message 20400)
Posted 1007 days ago by
Hi, I have an intel i7-3612QM CPU with the HD4000 GPU incorporated.

I used to have only 1 cpu thread running the GPU. Now I have 2!

How do I cut it back to only 1 CPU for CC, while allowing 1-8 CPU threads for other BOINC projects? (I change depending on my use since BOINC is too stupid to feather CPU usage on its own.)
2) Message boards : News : Corrupt Index Caused Authentication Errors (Message 20332)
Posted 1046 days ago by
I've gotten so used to Collatz being down I just ignore problems until they go away....
3) Message boards : Web site : No tasks to do :( (Message 20112)
Posted 1136 days ago by
I've been chugging along using my intel i7 HD4000 graphics GPU, but as of 2014 Dec 9 I have no tasks despite frequent update requests.

Is Collatz dead?

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