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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Server not responding (Message 23221)
Posted 439 days ago by dajohnso
I was crunching like crazy and now for 6 days I have a huge backlog but the colatz server will not talk to me (since 10/28/16)?
2) Message boards : Windows : Calc error (Message 22713)
Posted 555 days ago by dajohnso
well, problem is not solved. Its not happening as often but I am still getting WU that are failing with computation error. Examining the error records it says unknown error?
3) Message boards : Windows : Calc error (Message 22709)
Posted 556 days ago by dajohnso
Solved? My computing preference was set to .25 (15 seconds), I suspect that the WU was in the process of suspending and then reactivating? When I moved the mouse it would suspend GPU, I have several cards in the same machine so maybe this takes a few seconds to perform? then 15 seconds pass and it then tried to re-activate the WU's that were still in the process of suspending? I changed it to 5 min and all my errors went away.
4) Message boards : Windows : Calc error (Message 22701)
Posted 557 days ago by dajohnso
I am getting calc error on many of my Collatz work units. Not all, just a lot. I have the latest version of the boinc software, updated to latest version of drivers (for each card), and I am running on several different nVidia cards in several different machines including (1) machine with (4) brand new GTX970's (most errors), one with a GTX275, another with GTX265, GTX 770, and the last with GTX260. None of them are over clocked at the moment, I verified I had the visual C++ 2014 installed and I have seen errors on CPU and GPU WU. I frequently see an error generated when I move the mouse and the WU pauses (computer in use) and then later when it restarts, calc error. How do I debug this?
5) Message boards : Web site : Top Results (Message 17746)
Posted 1537 days ago by dajohnso
I have checked the top results several times recently and I never see my name on it? My account home page shows:

2191 steps for 2382396209776041683707 on 2013-11-03 00:22:40

but I never saw my name and it should have made the all time high list (although it should be the last entry)???

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