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1) Message boards : News : Long Run-Times? Optimize. (Message 18480)
Posted 1441 days ago by bolu$trolu$
Luckily, I have no problems with collatz. Optimizing is described very well, it is easy to understand.

I write this only because i feel obliged to show my support for Slicker. All these people are complaining and threatening with canceling this project, with no real reason, just because they now have to spend 10 or 15 minutes on optimizing. It's strange, it's not cool at all.

We all should be grateful to people who make this project run for opportunity of participating in collatz. Not the opposite!

I'm not a computer geek and i managed to optimize my collatz, like instructions said. It is not hard, really! 5 lines of text - it can't be too much for you. (It's even easier now. Thanks to Slicker, we have ready config files to download).

What is more important, this 5 lines of text and 10 minutes spent allows other people with worse hardware to participate. You, with good, new gpus, at least know that something is wrong - wu are calculated too long. So you can look for the solution, and after reading proper instructions - solve this by optimizing. If default config of project will be like it used to be (fast on new gpus), new participants with old gpu will not know that they can optimize, they would only see that application is not working and cancel even before starting.

Maybe someday there will be automated optimizer, but for now i think this little optimization is not too much to do. In the name of science :)

Thanks to Slicker and all other responsible (if any) for this project!
Sorry for my poor english, and sorry if i am overreacting ;)

PS. Just out of curiosity, what was the previous default config?

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