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1) Message boards : News : Micro Collatz CPU Apps (Message 19664)
Posted 1307 days ago by steven

Use the Home/School/Work profiles to set different criteria for different machines. Set the option you want, then assign that profile to the machine.

Its Good Practice - but not essential - to leave Default set as a Default, then use two of the other profiles for your tasks.

That is, in fact, exactly what i did. Working perfectly fine now.

I initially tried to set the droids to mobile, but got an error saying invalid venue. Maybe that could be fixed, or allow us to make our own custom ones?
2) Message boards : News : Micro Collatz CPU Apps (Message 19661)
Posted 1308 days ago by steven
Sorry for being ignorant, but i've tried figuring this out myself. I just started running on my androids, and i have selected micro and mini wus to be used so i can run the micros on my androids. Problem is that i still get mini on them, and they take forever to complete. Am I missing something? How can i set this so that my laptop will continue to get mini and my androids will only get micros? I've been just canceling them because they take entirely too long, but that doesn't seem like the best solution to me. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I think i may have figured it out, I'll post back if not.

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