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1) Message boards : Number crunching : PC formatted and no more collatz wu (Message 20155)
Posted 1121 days ago by Profile Rino [Sicily]
Hi guys, thanks for the quick reply and Merry Christmas to you! :)

Yes I'm running several other projects but they are running through and collatz is the only one not downloading other wu, I paused all of them and forcing an update after extending the working buffer, so it should had download something, but beside all the account info are not resolved (name, team, ...) as I wouldn't have any account, looks weird that's why I'm asking the community.

Anyway I know free-DC, and yes that's my account.

My opinion is that the server doesn't recognize anymore my machine due to a different OS, it shouldn't be a such weak check though..

Going to the Christmas (italian) gonna be a long meal lol.

Catch you later guys and thanks again.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : PC formatted and no more collatz wu (Message 20152)
Posted 1122 days ago by Profile Rino [Sicily]
Hi crunchers,
I formatted my PC and after installed BOINC again, collatz is the only project that do not update and/or download wu.

I tried to reset and then update but nothing happened.

I have to highlight that in boincstats it was something already wrong before formatting, collatz was the only one pj that was not giving me any statistic, saying "User ID doesn't exist in Collatz Conjecture or doesn't have any credit", it always has been like that.

Any suggestion or trick?

Thanks in advance.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : opencl Intel_gpu Computation error (Message 19432)
Posted 1350 days ago by Profile Rino [Sicily]
Hi guys, it's weeks so far that any 50 wu of this kind that go in error I complete only one of them, the error occours right after the wu download and only with this app and not with 8C or nvidia.

Anyone else with the same issue? Can I fix it in some way?

Thanks a lot and good crunch!


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