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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Longer Sieve WUs (Message 23594)
Posted 459 days ago by Nige Welch
I suppose I'll have to be the lone dissenter. I have an old Mac Pro upgraded to 8 cores of 2.66Ghz Xeon goodness with a Quadro FX 3800. It takes (or rather did) 45 minutes on the GPU and 12 hours on the CPU. I get not far off 5000 points per WU. Today I find my work stack has few jobs in it and according to the log my work cache is full. Confused I finally realise a GPU task is taking 6 hours and a CPU one 100 hours !!! I was given no warning of this and am rather pi**ed off. What happens if my rig spends 99 hours on a job and there's a computing/validation error?? Guess it's find another project time.

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