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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors on CUDA workunit (Message 20743)
Posted 990 days ago by wes_shaw
Hi Jon,

Thank you for releasing the v6.05 CUDA 5.5 changes but...

I have 3 64bit units, two with Intel I3-2100 and I5-2300 Nvidia GTX 650's and one I7-870 with a GTX 750 Ti. They all run only CUDA (no openCL/opengl) it failed about 2-5% with all the v6.04 then when they were done switched to v6.05 and the rate went up to 100.00% Nothing worked. I have no v6.05 work units to work on. (wait for 6.06?) All three system died on all v6.05 cuda 5.5 work units. I hope that's a usable clue. This represents several hundred work units. 10 days, 10 day backup, 3 machines.

I hope to keep on crunching.

Thanks for all your work.

2) Message boards : News : Micro Collatz CPU Apps (Message 19746)
Posted 1333 days ago by wes_shaw
I have a question.
This is concerning a Mini Collatz Conjecture 6.06 (opencl_nvidia_gpu).
I hope it's not inappropriate to post on this thread.

Running on OSX 10.9.4 with an Nvidia CUDA driver, I usually complete the mini's (estimated at 01:45:35) in under 2 hours. I currently have one which has run for 20:54:05 with an estimated remaining time of 04:52:44 but also started out as an estimated 01:45:35. after all these hours, it is only 62.896% completed but doesn't seem to be moving that metric along very well. The elapsed time moves in real-time and the estimated remain time increments slowly rather than decrements. Am I processing an infinite loop or should I just let it run for a long time and assume I've found the exception to the conjecture? As an infinite loop, I guess I should just abort the work unit and cut my losses but it sure has displaced a lot of time for nothing.
workunit is mini_collatz_2387440370966972867699_10309215104_0
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Thanks Jon.
3) Message boards : News : Up and Running (Message 19610)
Posted 1376 days ago by wes_shaw
It's good to have you back!

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