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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 24198)
Posted 212 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Not to belabor the subject, but the badge shown on my account page is still the military style (and hasn't changed FOR EVER :) ). Did these get changed back to the badge types that were initially purposed (and currently show in my signature) and my account just got missed, or did something else get implemented?

Looking at my account the same thing has happened.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 23659)
Posted 444 days ago by Dr Who Fan
YES! Looks good on the latest batch.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Random download errors (Message 23462)
Posted 475 days ago by Dr Who Fan
DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the most recent BOINC (either the Stable V 7.6.22 or Beta/Test V 7.6.33) Version from for your PC's configuration.

You will NOT loose any work currently downloaded.
Make sure BOINC is not running and Shutdown/Exited completely before installing. A REBOOT of your computer will be needed after installing.
4) Message boards : News : Invite Code (Message 23395)
Posted 487 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Probably the same spammers who have been VERY busy over at Enigma (which is slow to remove them), SETI & POGS:
5) Message boards : News : SSL Certificate Replaced (Message 23268)
Posted 494 days ago by Dr Who Fan
I did more searching in the traces that I took of successful and unsuccessful machines. The machines that were NOT successful had an endpoint IP of for Collatz. The successful Collatz machines talk to an endpoint IP of for Collatz. Why we should get 2 endpoints is beyond me. Whoever is in charge of the Collatz project needs to get us all to point to the latter (and proper) IP address of We will know when that is fixed, as then EVERYTHING will work! (Mic Drop!)

If your computer(s) and or router/gateway finds the 205 address.... it probably has STALE DNS INFO stored in memory.

You should probably shut down BOINC, reboot the PC(s) and then FLUSH the DNS CACHE of your PC and possibly even reboot the router to get correct DNS information.

I also used's CACHE CHECK to see what it return and all their servers world-wide return the same answer (

When I do a Whois Record for the IP address resolved to the CORRECT one of
IP Address is hosted on a dedicated server
Website Title Collatz Conjecture
Registrant Name: Jon Sonntag

IF I do a TraceRt of from MY PC I get:

4 * * * Request timed out.
5 24 ms 26 ms 23 ms
6 25 ms 27 ms 27 ms []
7 25 ms 25 ms 26 ms []
8 25 ms 24 ms 26 ms []
9 40 ms 39 ms 38 ms []
10 56 ms 56 ms 56 ms []
11 57 ms 57 ms 57 ms []
12 54 ms 57 ms 55 ms
13 56 ms 55 ms 55 ms
14 65 ms 65 ms 65 ms []

The IP address of IS NOT REGISTERED TO ANYTHING CLOSE to the correct web site.
IP Information for
Resolve Host
OrgName: Highwinds Network Group, Inc.
6) Message boards : News : SSL Certificate Replaced (Message 23261)
Posted 495 days ago by Dr Who Fan
enabled work request and had no problem receiving work on my Win 7-x64 machine that has completed work before.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 23169)
Posted 504 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Computer 566259 not connected to Collatz project server.
30.10.2016 16:59:35 | | Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.

WEB SERVER SECURITY / SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) CERTIFICATE EXPIRED 2016/10/26...

Until the projects SECURITY CERTIFICATE is REPLACED with a NEW/VALID one, BOINC most likely WILL NOT successfully connect to the project.

SEE recent USER posts in: Message boards : News : SSL Certificate Replaced
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Out of Memory errors (Message 23093)
Posted 520 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Have seen the SAME thing on a quite a few Collatz tasks (I run CPU ONLY tasks)in past month. Win 8.1, Win 7 and Win Vista ALL seem to be affected.

Not sure if there is a BUG in the latest Microsoft C++ run times files since the September Windows update (on 9/13/2016) or if it is ONLY Collatz related.

Upon starting it seems they use ALL the CPU resources, gobble up ALL free (RAM) memory & ALL free swap file space Windows has available then crash a second or three later with out of memory error.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : How long does it take on Android? (Message 21649)
Posted 868 days ago by Dr Who Fan
On my Nexus 7 tablet (ARMv7 Processor rev 9 (v7l) @1300MHz / Quad-Core) the new tasks (Collatz Sieve) will take approximately 193 HOURS of CPU time running at 100% CPU use.

Due the the battery starting to show it's age I have run the CPU's at aprox aprox 65% of full power, the task I have running now is estimated at aprox 300 hours of total run/computation time.
10) Message boards : Science : Are workunits on individual numbers or ranges of numbers? (Message 21131)
Posted 935 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Some of your tasks are erroring out almost immediately (0.71 Seconds) with "255 (0xff) Unknown error number"
See this one as an example:

BUT you are not the only one having that type of problem with those specific tasks. Seems to be am on-going Collatz PROGRAMMING ISSUE.
11) Message boards : Wish list : Collatz Conjecture project for x86 Android devices (Message 20904)
Posted 965 days ago by Dr Who Fan
According to the Applications Page the following are available for Android running on x86:
Mini Collatz Conjecture Version 6.00
Micro Collatz Conjecture Version 6.00
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors on CUDA workunit (Message 20685)
Posted 992 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Ummmmmm... nope. Same apps, same WUs, and they all ran 100% OK. That was without suspending though. For those having errors, can you try NOT allowing BOINC to suspend and see if it works OK. If so, there may be a bug in the re-start after a checkpoint.

None of my error-ed tasks are a resume from suspend. They all crash within a few minutes of initial start up.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors on CUDA workunit (Message 20680)
Posted 993 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Still seeing high amount of error rates on GPU tasks for Host ID 146029

Almost all are of the "At offset xxxxxxxxx got xxx from the GPU when expecting xxx" type of errors. Where "x" is a variable number.

NOTE TO SLICKER: Like Hal9000 pointed at in a previous post - suspecting these error are related to the Electrical Problems YOUR residence had a few weeks ago.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors on CUDA workunit (Message 20670)
Posted 996 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Yes problem STILL around. Hal, that is what I suspect also - corruption of data and/or other hardware damages from the power surge/lighting strike.

6 more (so far) task for me have crashed since project came back on-line
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation Errors (Message 20666)
Posted 998 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Seeing the same thing with a few of tasks sent to me & wing mates.
So far only see problems with opencl_nvidia_gpu formatted tasks: Collatz Sieve v1.05 (opencl_nvidia_gpu) Collatz Sieve v1.05 (opencl_nvidia_gpu) Solo Collatz Conjecture v6.04 (opencl_nvidia_gpu) Mini Collatz Conjecture v6.04 (opencl_nvidia_gpu)
16) Message boards : News : Sieve Application Testing (Message 20636)
Posted 1003 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Finally got one to complete using the settings Slicker posted.
STILL HAD GPU DRIVER CRASH/RESTART when the task first started and after a task suspend/restart.

At times the CPU usage was up to about 90% but never went below about 80%. The task was sent out with the following parameters > 0.581CPU + 1NV.

Did NOT notice any screen lag, I had to modify my local settings while it ran reserve a FULL CORE to run it to avoid whole system from becoming almost unresponsive.

Interesting side note is that GPU-Z claimed 0% (NO) GPU USE while it was running.

Run Information from BoincTasks:
Collatz Conjecture collatz_sieve_2397308560254556962816_844424930131968_0 1.05 Collatz Sieve (opencl_nvidia_gpu) 12:26:59 (09:59:59) Reported: OK + 0.581C + 1NV 80.321 1158.73 MB 817.50 MB

TASK# 18139359

NOTE FOR Slicker: The way Nvidia implements open_cl you NEED TO RESERVE A FULL CORE for high GPU use. Any way you can modify the Settings on the server so when the task is sent out it RESERVES A FULL CORE on Nvidia GPU's?
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Errors on CUDA workunit (Message 20626)
Posted 1004 days ago by Dr Who Fan
So far BOTH of the Sieve tasks I have downloaded crashed almost immediately and also crashed my GPU forcing a restart of the GPU.


Exit status: 5 (0x5) Unknown error number

Stderr output

Access is denied.
(0x5) - exit code 5 (0x5)

Collatz Conjecture Sieve 1.0.4 Windows i686 for OpenCL
Written by Slicker (Jon Sonntag) of team SETI.USA
Based on the AMD Brook+ kernels by Gipsel of team Planet 3DNow!
Sieve code and OpenCL optimization provided by Sosiris of team BOINC@Taiwan
Collatz Config Settings:
reducecpu=0 (no)
Platform: NVIDIA
Device: 01AA1D38
OpenCL context created
OpenCL program created
OpenCL program copiled
Max Work Item Dimensions: 3
Max Work Item Size: 1024 1024 64
Max Work Group Size: 1024
Max Kernel Work Group Size: 1024
WU Name: collatz_sieve_2397292516180884455424_844424930131968
Start: 2397292516180884455424
Stop: 2397293360605814587392
lookup table size=2048
reduction on CPU=no
kernels per reduction=32
Error: (-5)Out of resources at 1303 of collatzOpenCL::RunSteps
Error: GPU steps do not match CPU steps. Workunit processing aborted.
01:55:21 (7916): called boinc_finish

18) Message boards : Number crunching : fail (Message 20607)
Posted 1006 days ago by Dr Who Fan
Suspect your REAL-TIME Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware (AVG, Norton's, etc) are getting in the way and probably think it's a bad/rogue program.


SEE Message boards : News : False Positive: Win32/Bulta!rfn for more information.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 20308)
Posted 1113 days ago by Dr Who Fan
So, what do the badges actually look like - can' find them anywhere...

Chris, Below you will find the badges as shown in message 16710 (in this thread)
Bronze - 100K

Silver - 1M

Gold - 5M

Amethyst - 20M

Ruby - 100M

Sapphire - 500M

Emerald - 2B
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Estimated time on wu's is off by factor 150, forcing my BOINC-client to hold up other projects. (Message 20281)
Posted 1128 days ago by Dr Who Fan
I see that you are currently running a Large Collatz Conjecture... (opencl_amd_gpu) and so far only have Consecutive valid tasks 4.

BOINC is horrible in initially estimating completion times and makes a best guess based on your hardware.

As with any new tasks you never have run before on any project, BOINC will gradually adjust the estimated completion times as you reach the magic number of 11 of those specific tasks run, returned and validated as it "learns your true hardware speed".

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