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Posted 421 days ago by Zaphod80013
So I'm a current user with slightly over 35,000,000 credits, do I need an invite code? If I add a new machine does that need an invite code (it would start with zero credits) I run some instances in docker containers, occasionally I need to rebuild them which creates a new instance to replace an existing one (usually with the same name) does that require an invite code?

I understand your trying to solve a very real problem, but the approach makes me nervous as an existing user. I feel we need more clarity about what your doing to address the problem. I know that will help the spammers as well. Over the years I've invested a lot of computing power into Boinc Projects, and while it not the main point being in the top 10K users feels good.

Perhaps a more relevant question is what can legitimate users do to help you address the problem?

Ray Sutton

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