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1) Message boards : News : Mini Collatz App Released (Message 11312)
Posted 2596 days ago by Profile GPV67
Thanks for clarifying that, Slicker.

uh, I kinda need this laptop for college. Sorry!

That said, nickname. As much as I love GPU computing I don't actually know much about coding for it. I'm probably better at JAVA than CUDA. 'else I'd offer to help debug.

Right now it looks like the app is crashing because it doesn't communicate 100% with the rest of the computing. "Setting a process while the device is in use is not allowed" leads me to believe it simply ignores BOINC's settings. It's strange, but as long as things keep erroring out, I'll stick to my Windows machine.

Which is unfortunate, because my Mac is four times faster and boasts more uptime...but don't worry about it too much. Historically, CUDA coding for Mac has been a bit of a pain, kind of a touch-and-go process. And don't even get me started on OpenCL (apparently it's very difficult to code for at all). Add in the fact that Mac kernel is similar to but cannot be worked in the same way as Linux kernel, and the fact that any CUDA-capable Mac card is of the low-end variety...


if that can help, I'm successfully running Collatz CUDA on my Mac (running Mac OS X 10.6.6) with these settings:
I have installed latest CUDA drivers from Nvidia (v3.2.17) and the cudatoolkit_3.0_macos_32.pkg (available here)
(I got errors when I installed latest CUDA Toolkit (v3.2.17) from Nvidia)

On the Optimized Applications page, there is a (Mac OS 10.5+ running on an Intel 64-bit CPU) app.
These one is running with cudatoolkit_3.1_macos.pkg (available here)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : MAC OS X 32-bit CUDA App (Message 5990)
Posted 2963 days ago by Profile GPV67
Nevermind... I've started afresh with a new BOINC installation. Previously I can't get the GPU working without some cuda related files, hence the app_info.xml. Now it seems it doesn't require them at all. And my CPU client is at 2.03...


CUDA app for Mac is in stock only since 10th of January...

You can refresh an application without re-install BOINC.
On BOINC manager, select "Restart project", this will delete all project's files and download fresh ones automatically.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : MAC OS X 32-bit CUDA App (Message 5988)
Posted 2963 days ago by Profile GPV67

app_info.xml file is only required to overwrite stock application with "optimized" one.
Stock apps are automatically downloaded by BOINC manager, Optimized apps should be manually downloaded from web site (with relevant app_info.xml file)

At this time, stock apps are v2.03 for CPU and v2.02 (CUDA) for GPU, there are able to run both CPU and GPU work-units on a Mac.
(edit your "Collatz Conjecture preferences" on web site, to allow CPU and/or GPU use)


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