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1) Message boards : Cafe : ATA Thread (Message 145)
Posted 3107 days ago by Profile vaughan
Present for duty.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Task "In progress" status (Message 143)
Posted 3107 days ago by Profile vaughan
Looking through my account it shows many tasks assigned to my computer #128 which is an Intel Q6600 with a Gigabyte GTX275 GPU. When I checked this machine in BOINC Manager 6.6.36 there are no Collatz tasks displayed.

How come the website Your Account section shows tasks with a status of "In progress" when the computer doesn't have any tasks?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : ATI Application (Message 72)
Posted 3114 days ago by Profile vaughan
Okay, the 1.09 app shows itself on my I7 64bit windows vista, but all the downloads show they failed? Suggestions?

I looked at there error result from your wu download and the error is that it is looking for the pdb file. The 1.09b has no pdb file. so....

option 1. manually edit the app_info and remove the appropriate references to the pdb file.

option 2. put the pdb file from v1.09 in the folder. The v1.09b won't use it, but boinc won't be confused any more.

option 3. download v1.09c which is the exact same executable but the app info file no longer references the pdb (debug) file. If can be found at

Is this expected? I followed Option 2 from above.

[error] Deleting file collatz_1.09_windows_x86_64__ati_SSE2.pdb while in use

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